Technishield 65 EI30 Single Door


A framed, rebated, single-leaf, fire-rated glass doorset on hinges, for use in conjunction with Technishield 65 partition system, offering 30 minutes' integrity and insulation. Part M-compliant clear opening included.

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Uniclass 2015

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L20/480 Doorsets

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Technishield 65 EI30 Rebated Single Door


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Side-panels/ over-panels

Not required

Over panel

Side panel both sides

Side panel left side

Side panel right side

Over panel and side panel

Insert requirements.

Finish/ Colour

Powder-coated, RAL

Insert requirement; contact manufacturer for more information.

Powder-coated, RAL 9006 Silver

50 microns, 30% gloss (nominal).

Powder-coated, RAL 9010 White

50 microns, 30% gloss (nominal).


Insert requirements.

Standard product features

Fire rating:

EI30 – 30 minutes' integrity and insulation (30/30).


Two face fitted weld-on hinges.


Forster stainless steel lever handle set, fire-rated, cranked U-form steel cored with 9 mm spindle.


Two-point fire-rated lever latch with Euro-cylinder operated deadlock.

Euro cylinder:

Cylinder and turn – 35 mm/ 35 mm.

Door closer:

TS-93 2-4.


Type RO drop seals.

Door seals:

Fire and smoke protection double seal.

Product Options


  • Door: With over-panel: Available 955–1460 x 2200–4000 mm (w x h); without over-panel: Available 955–1460 x 1800–3000 mm (w x h). All dimensions subject to specification and certification.
  • Side panel: Available 300–1100 mm in width.

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