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Superfold 4000 High Security Folding Doors

High-security, insulated folding doors, which have been specially designed and tested to meet the requirements of high-security installations, whilst maintaining a high aesthetic appearance and thermal performance. The door has been independently tested by the Loss Prevention Council to LPS1175 ('Specification for testing and classifying the burglary resistance of building components, strongpoints and security') and has received approval to grade 4.

This approval confirms that the Superfold 4000 doorset will survive an experienced attempt at a forced entry using portable tools, while the Superfold 5000 (available separately) will survive professional attempts at forced entry with a combination of mechanical and mains-powered tools as specified in the standard.

Features and benefits:

  • Door panels: constructed from 3 mm-thick, double-skin steel sheets, infilled with high-density insulation and special reinforcing ballistic material. The door panels are 56 mm thick and are flush in appearance. Each panel is fitted with high-quality ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) sections, forming a tight weather seat between panels and around the perimeter of the door.
  • Hinges/ guide pins: the panels are joined together with continuous stainless steel hinges, with concealed fixings in the reinforced edges of the panels, and the bottom hinges incorporate plated rollers to run on the bottom track.
  • Top track: galvanized steel-rolled section, forming a box-type track on which pulleys run, mounted on the top of the door panels. A branch track is incorporated to allow the door to stack correctly.
  • Bottom track: a steel channel bottom track is provided and set for alignment within a 200 x 75 mm chase, before finally being grouted into position. The unique profile of the bottom track assists weather-sealing whilst also providing the necessary level threshold, thus allowing the bottom gap to be maintained within the tested dimension. A sump box for drainage and dirt clearance purposes is provided as standard.
  • Door arrangements: the doors stack to one side and comprise between four and eight panels. They are face-fixed to the inside, and the panels stack at 90° to the opening when open.
  • Locking: the leading edge of the door is locked into position by means of two electrically interlocked pad-bars and Chubb 1K11 padlocks.
  • Operation: electrical operation is via a 400 V, three-phase geared motor, mounted on the top track at one or both ends. Push-button controls are provided at low level, and emergency manual operation is via hand chain, which is connected and disconnected at low level.

General information


Bespoke; consult manufacturer for details and insert requirements.




Polyester powder-coated, RAL


Uniclass 2015

Pr_30_59_24_80 Sliding door and partition setsPrimary


L20/530 Sliding folding external doors

L20/535 Sliding folding shutter doors

L20/60 Doors

Specification data - Sliding door and partition sets

Product Reference

Superfold 4000 High Security Folding Doors


Bespoke; consult manufacturer for details and insert requirements.


Bunching to one side, left-handed

Bunching to one side, right-handed




Polyester powder-coated, RAL


Accessories/ Other requirements


Door panel upgrade to achieve a G2 ballistic rating

Safety photocells

Status indication

Standard product features


The doors weigh approximately 80 kg/m².

Product Options

Size (w x h, maximum):

8 x 6 m.


The number of panels varies with opening width; consult literature for further details.


Galvanized as standard. Polyester powder-coating to a range of standard RAL colours is available at extra cost.

Third party certifications
  • Loss Prevention Council: Certificate: LPS1175
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