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Standard Modular Ramp

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Rapid Ramp Limited

A fully adjustable modular wheelchair ramp, constructed from galvanised steel components that are bolted together.

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  • Suitable for residential applications.
  • The system can also be suitable for schools and public buildings with additional safety features such as infill handrails.


The Standard Modular Ramp features a construction utilising galvanised steel components firmly assembled through bolting.

This ramp system encompasses all the necessary safety provisions to prevent accidents, collisions, and injuries within residential environments. 

It strictly adheres to the ramp regulations specified for dwellings, as outlined in Part M & K. It's important to note that ramps designed for residential use must maintain a gradient no steeper than 1:12 (equivalent to 4.7 degrees).

Highlighted Features and Advantages:

  1. Efficient Design and Setup: Streamlined design and installation for quick deployment.
  2. Variety of Widths: Available in four distinct widths to accommodate various requirements.
  3. Robust Steel Construction: Crafted from durable steel, featuring a galvanised walkway and powder-coated handrails that remain comfortable to the touch.
  4. UK Manufactured: Proudly manufactured in the UK, with comprehensive service coverage extending throughout the UK and Ireland.
  5. Reusable Modular Components: The modular design allows for components to be reused and easily customised.
  6. Fire Safety: In contrast to wooden ramps, the product is fire-resistant, providing heightened fire safety compared to wooden counterparts.
  7. Three-Year Warranty: Supported by a three-year warranty, with an expected lifespan surpassing 25 years.
  8. Adaptable for Short or Long Term Use: Suited for both temporary and permanent solutions, ensuring flexibility.
  9. Fully Customizable: Fully adjustable and adaptable, making modifications and reuse effortless.
  10. Tailored Sizing Options: Bespoke sizes are readily available to cater to specific project needs.
  11. Simplified Removal: Modular ramps can be easily disassembled, leaving the original area unaffected when needed.

To summarise, the Standard Modular Ramp offers a secure and adaptable solution specifically designed for residential settings, ensuring compliance with ramp regulations while delivering durability, ease of installation, and customisation options to meet individual requirements.

General information





Also available powder-coated in any RAL colour.







900 mm

1000 mm

1200 mm

1500 mm



The Rapid Ramp system can be used up to 3 m high.


Warranty description

Three year


Ss_35_10_85_35 Heavy steel stair systemsPrimary


L30/45 Ramps/ walkways

L30/470 Ramps

Specification data - Heavy steel stair systems

Framing members

Carbon steel angle sections, carbon steel beams, columns, channels and tees, carbon steel hot-finished hollow sections.

Flooring and treads

Mesh platform.

As standard. Minimum width: 900 mm.

GRP platform.

Optional extra. A slip-resistant and non-corrosive surface that is suitable for areas with high footfall such as schools and public spaces. The product comes in dark grey as standard.



Connection fasteners

Preloaded bolt assemblies and carbon steel hexagon headed nuts and bolts.


With trombone ends as standard.

Standard handrail.

The handrail is coated with thermosetting powder to provide a non-conductive, non-slip and scratch-resistant surface.

Infill handrail.

The infill handrail prevents users from climbing or falling through gaps. It is often specified for schools and public buildings.

1100 mm high vertical infill handrail.

Lower intermediate handrail.

For use with the standard or infill handrail. The lower intermediate handrail is designed to be used by young children and wheelchair users. The handrail should be 600 mm from the surface of the system.

Integral accessories

Telescopic legs.

Legs can be adjusted to accommodate different threshold heights.



Gates unit.

A gate unit can be attached to the side of a platform; 1200 mm or wider.

Step unit.

Access hatch.

A hatch opens allowing a person access to the underground services.

Underside mesh hoarding.

This mesh is designed to prevent children from gaining access to the underneath of the ramp. It is often specified for schools and public buildings.

Specification includes:

• Mesh size 200 x 50 mm.

• 33.7 mm OD Single mesh clip.

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Colour/ Finish

Black, powder-coated.

As standard.

RAL, powder-coated.

Insert requirements.


Any of the widths can be secured together to create almost any width.

900 mm.

1000 mm.

1200 mm.

1500 mm.


Insert requirements.

Sustainability data

Contains Red List materials


Country of material origin

United Kingdom

Country of product manufacture

United Kingdom

Embodied carbon

A1-A3 (production stage) as defined in BS EN 15804

156.73 kg CO₂ eq/m²

When considering the carbon embodiment within the material; it is important to understand the mass of the material. For instance, a Rapid Ramp is hollow underneath the platform, whereas, a concrete ramp is solid. The amount of carbon embodiment needs to be considered based on the mass.



Recycled content

21 %


Rapid Ramp Commercial Brochure

Rapid Ramp Commercial Brochure

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Ramp Platform Loading Test | Rapid Ramp

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Case studies

Carlisle Park Pavilion Cafe, Morpeth

Carlisle Park Pavilion Cafe, Morpeth

Front Door Ramp, Woking

Front Door Ramp, Woking

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