Soundlay Foam

Soundlay Foam is a cross-linked, closed cell polyolefin foam which is ideal as a low cost, resilient under-screed layer designed to reduce the transmission of impact sound through concrete floors.

The foam contains EVA rubber cells to give improved acoustic performanceand increased resistance to compression and creeping.

Soundlay Foam is available in a range of thicknesses giving a choice of impact sound insulation values.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_25_57_06_71 Resilient layer insulationPrimary


M10/295 Floating construction (thin sheet impact sound insulation)

M10/40 Floating construction

Specification data - Resilient layer insulation

Product Reference

Soundlay Foam


5 mm

10 mm


Self-adhesive edge strip

Standard product features


  • Roll width: 2 m.
  • Roll length: 50 m.


25 - 33 kg/m³.


  • Thermal conductivity: 0.041 W/mK.
  • Water absorption (after 28 days, EN ISO 12087): 0.685% .

Impact sound insulation, ΔLw:

  • 5 mm thick: 21 dB.
  • 10 mm thick: 24 dB.

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