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Sopro GD 749 Universal Floor and Wall Primer


Sopro GD 749 primer reduces absorbency and evens out variable suction in substrate. It stabilizes friable surfaces, binds loose particles and improves adhesion. GD 749 primer prevents pin-holes when self-levelling compounds are used, thus premature water loss is prevented where thin-bed tile adhesives are subsequently applied. For indoor and outdoor use.


Light-blue, solvent-free, fast-drying, synthetic resin primer for high or variable suction substrates. For pretreatment of cement screeds, calcium sulfate-based screeds, board subfloors, gypsum plasterboard and gypsum fibreboard, lime/ cement render and gypsum plasterwork. Water soluble for application to high-suction substrates. Use Sopro GD 749 primer only in concentrated form with gypsum-bound substrates, calcium sulfate screeds or when used for priming prior to application of self levelling floor screed compounds.

Feature and benefits:

  • Fast drying.
  • Suitable for calcium sulfate screeds in one coat.
  • May be diluted with water to suit the application.
  • High penetration.
  • Suitable for floor heating systems.
  • Solvent-free.
  • EC1 PLUS very low emission PLUS.

General information




Pr_35_31_66_30 Floor covering primersPrimary


M10/110 Bonded cement:sand levelling screeds

M10/115 Cement:sand levelling screeds

M10/12 Proprietary polymer modified levelling screeds

M10/140 Proprietary polymer modified levelling screeds

M10/160 Proprietary self smoothing levelling screeds

M10/165 Proprietary fibre reinforced levelling screeds

M10/192 Proprietary self smoothing wearing screeds

M10/4 Cement:sand levelling screeds

M13/10 Proprietary trowelled levelling screeds

M13/110 Proprietary trowelled levelling screeds

M13/120 Proprietary self smoothing levelling screeds

Product range


Specification data - Floor covering primers



100–200 g/m² depending on substrate absorption.

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