Sopralene Flam 180 AF - Bituminous Warm Flat Roof system (CNB1PGPSBK_001)

Sopralene Flam 180 AF - Bituminous Warm Flat Roof system (CNB1PGPSBK_001)

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Bituminous warm flat roof system on a concrete substrate with PIR insulation and a partially self-adhered underlayer & torched on waterproofing layer, with a 20 year System Warranty.

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Used as an upper layer within a multi-layer waterproofing system.


Membrane composed of styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS) modified bitumen with polyester reinforcement. The upper surface is finished with slates, with the selvedge protected by a polypropylene film. The lower surface has thermally activated SBS stripes alternated with non-stick stripes, protected by a thermofusible film.

Features and benefits:

  • High performance.
  • Single layer system - torch-on or hot-air method including the overlaps.
  • Flexible until -20°C.
  • CE marked to BS EN 13707.


Used as an upper layer within a multi-layer waterproofing system.

General information


Natural black


bituminous AVCL, PIR insulation, double layer elastomer modified waterproofing

Uniclass 2015

Pr_25_57_08_75 Reinforced bitumen roofing sheetsPrimary


J41/115 Single layer reinforced bitumen membrane warm deck roof covering

J41/125 Single layer reinforced bitumen membrane inverted roof covering

J41/135 Single layer reinforced bitumen membrane cold deck roof covering

J41/405 Single layer reinforced bitumen waterproof covering

Specification data - Reinforced bitumen roofing sheets

Product Reference

Sopralene Flam 180 AF

Standard product features


SBS (styrene-butadiene-styrene) modified bitumen with 180 g/m² non-woven polyester reinforcement.


  • Upper side: Slates with thermofusible film overlap protection.
  • Lower side: Thermofusible film.


Black slate.

Roll size (w x l):

1 x 8 m.


4.5 mm.

Technical properties:

  • Tensile force (to BS EN 12311-1): Longitudinal: 850 N/ 50 mm; transverse: 650 N/ 50 mm.
  • Elongation at maximum tensile force (to BS EN 12311-1): 45%.
  • Dimensional stability (to BS EN 1107-1): 0.5%.
  • Resistance to tearing (nail shank, to BS EN 12310-1): 175 N.
  • Flexibility at low temperature (to BS EN 1109): -20°C.
  • Flow resistance at elevated temperature (to BS EN 1110): 110°C.

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Additional certifications:

  • DoP: Certificate: WPBBE0318

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