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Root protection membrane

Root Protection Membrane is a SBS elastomeric bitumen felt with a glass/ polyester core incorporating a root penetration film and additional chemical additives to the bitumen matrix to prevent root penetration. The product has a mineralized grey slate finish; the underside is suitable for gas torch application or direct bond on to hot melt membrane.

The membrane is designed to be applied as part of the Permaquik 6100 hot melt membrane system for use in locations such as roof gardens, planters or as the vertical protection on an external damp proof membrane where planting is close to the building. It can be also used in conjunction with other hot melt membranes or high performance modified bitumen felts in similar locations.

General information

Uniclass 2015

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Q37/320 Root barrier

Specification data - Bitumen sheets

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Root protection membrane

Standard product features


110 g/m² glass and polyester screen with a root penetration film.

Roll Size:

5 x 1 m.

Roll weight:

Nominally 29.5 kg.


5.2 mm.