Quasar eLite - Qe6H60

Quasar® eLite Qe6H with HD-SDI camera and Qe60 satellite.

Quasar® eLite is the only surgical light with near perfect colour rendition across
the full visible spectrum. It features the highest R9 colour rendition of any product and ensures strong and vibrant visualisation of tissues.

Quasar® eLite is designed to work with all UCV ceilings, with minimum air
turbulence and thermal lift. The lights have been independently tested to DIN
1946 Part 4 (12-2008) and comfortably exceed the requirements.

Fat Beam Technology:

  • High light intensity across the full illuminated area for uniform vision
  • Large wound sites can be easily examined
  • Beam size is adjustable to user preference
  • 420mm maximum beam diameter

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Uniclass 2015

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PlatformCompatibleVersionCertified to
- 1 2.1
Revit 2017 1 2.1
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