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ASSA ABLOY Blast Doors have been designed to resist varied pressure levels and are available in single, double and leaf and half configurations, in both steel and timber finishes. Steel blast resistant doorsets manufactured designed and installed to the criteria required by BS EN 14351-1:2006 +A1 2010.

Blast resistant doors to resist calculated blast pressure between 5-25 kN/m² dependants on the door.

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General information

Specification data - High-security doorsets

Product Reference

Tollymore - Blast

Scrabo - Blast

Stormont - Blast

Causeway - Blast

Samson - Blast

Colour/ Finish

Epoxy powder primed

Polyester powder coated

Insert requirements.

Rimex patterned

Stainless steel only.

Satin polish 180–240 grit

Stainless steel only.

Vision panel/ Louvre



1 – Single glazed

2 – Double glazed

3A – Double glazed with concealed fixings

3B – Double glazed mastic-sealed


Insert drawing reference number where applicable.

Standard product features

Door Leaf:

  • Construction designed to resist the required blast pressures using internal and external layers galvaneal steel of the required thickness. Overall thickness of doorleaf determined by blast pressure requirements.
  • Doors stiffened, and strengthened internally with steel channels and reinforcements.
  • Doors to be complete with lock and hardware reinforcements. Face skins to be connected by a continuous "deep pocket" interlocking edge lock seam for added strength and durability.
  • Steel end channels projection welded to the top and bottom of the door.
  • Door edges to be bevelled for ease of operation and close fit.
  • Doors to be morticed, reinforced, drilled and tapped for a minimum of three heavy duty templated hinges.
  • Double doors to incorporate an integral astragal to ensure a totally sealed unit.

Door frame:

  • Manufactured form galvaneal steel of the required thickness determined by required blast pressure with a profile to suit the wall condition.
  • Supplied mitre welded fully smooth finish.
  • Frames to be morticed, reinforced, drilled and tapped for hinges and strikes.
  • Hinge and strike reinforcements to be protected by metal guard boxes.
  • Frames to be provided with multiple fixings per jamb, designed to suit wall material and to to ensure load is distributed evenly across fixing points and built-in adjustment lugs and complete with cover caps.
  • Threshold Sill as required with Integral Neoprene seal.
  • Weather seals to frame rebate.

Product Options

Colour/ Finish:

A wide range BS and RAL polyester powder coated colours are available, consult manufacturer for more details or refer to colour chart.


An extensive range of ironmongery is available from ASSA ABLOY, consult manufacturer for exact details.

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