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A traditional, polythene coated, reinforced, bitumen-bonded, building paper laminate. Manufactured with wet-strength kraft paper and meeting the technical requirements of BS 1521, Class A1F, for waterproof building papers, the product utilizes polymer reinforcing scrim. Typically used where conditions require a material with additional strength and durability.

Example applications:

  • Moisture barrier.
  • Underlays on uninsulated cladding.
  • Temporary protection.
  • Separation layers.
  • Bond breaks.
  • Draught and damp exclusion barriers.

General information

1000 mm x 25 m

Uniclass 2015 Building papers (Pr_25_57_10_09)
Specification data
Product Reference

Polybit Building Paper


Novia Double Sided Butyl Tape

Novia Metallised BOPP tape

Standard product features


1000 mm x 25 m.

Performance data:

  • Moisture vapour resistance: 53 MNs/g minimum.
  • Tensile strength (to BS 4415, dry): 12.4 kN/m (M/D), 7.20 kN/m (C/D) minimum.
  • Bursting strength (to BS 3137, dry): 550 kN/m² minimum.
  • Minimum liquid water resistance: 24 hours.
  • Upper temperature stability: Over 70°C.
  • Chemical resistance: Resistant to chemicals found in plaster and cement.
  • Biological: Does not attract insects or vermin.

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