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Novia Ltd was founded in the early 1990s as a specialist packaging and construction membrane company, based in Maidstone, Kent. Novia supplies a wide range of building membranes for both permanent and temporary applications within the building, construction and associated markets. They are an ISO 9001 accredited business and focus on delivering the very best in customer service and product quality at all times. Their helpful and knowledgeable staff have worked very hard to make Novia one of the UKs market leaders in Building Papers. Novia specialises in BS 1521 and BS 4016 Building Papers, but other key elements of their product range are vapour control layers, roof and wall breather membranes, gas membrane DPMs and tapes to suit for all products. The recent additions have been fire rated membranes for external and internal uses, all suitable for use in 18m height constructions. All products are CE approved and CPR compliant where required. Novia offers a general technical advice service, and this used in conjunction with their new website, gives easy access to all of their latest information and technical details. Product samples are readily available on request.

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Trade names

  • Novia 1000G VCL
  • Novia 1200G VCL
  • Novia 500G VCL
  • Novia A1F Building Paper
  • Novia B1F Building Paper
  • Novia B2 Building Paper
  • Novia Black Breather Membrane
  • Novia Black Pro Breather Membrane
  • Novia Breather Membrane Lap Tape
  • Novia BS 4016 Breather Paper
  • Novia FF1 Foil Building Paper
  • Novia High Performance Construction Wrap
  • Novia Metallised BOPP Tape
  • Novia Polybit Building Paper
  • Novia Reflex - Reflective Breather
  • Novia STRP VCL
  • Novia Ultra Breather Membrane
  • Novia VC2
  • Novia VC8 Reflective