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Pavatex Pavatherm


The board is universal and multifunctional suitable in the roof, the wall, the facade and the floor.


A high-performance pressure-resistant, vapour permeable, natural and ecological thermal insulation board based on wood fibre. The board edges from 140 mm thickness have a rebated finish to avoid thermal bridges. The board has excellent sound insulation properties due to the porous structure.

Features and benefits:

  • Pressure-resistant, universal and multifunctional.
  • Excellent at insulating against thermal losses in winter and heat transmittance in the summer.
  • Possesses excellent sound-insulation properties.
  • CE marked.

General information


Wood fibre




1100 x 600 mm


Pr_25_57_06_97 Wood fibre batt insulationPrimary


P10/10 Loft insulation

P10/125 Insulation laid between ceiling ties/ joists

P10/140 Insulation fitted between rafters

P10/15 Insulation fitted between rafters

P10/165 Insulation to eaves

P10/170 Insulation to loft access hatches

P10/185 Soffit insulation

P10/20 Insulation to loft access hatches

P10/212 Insulation fixed across inner face of stud walling

P10/217 Insulation slabs fixed to backing wall

P10/220 Sound insulation within timber framed separating wall

P10/240 Insulation fitted between floor joists

P10/250 Insulation supported between floor joists

P10/40 Insulation fitted betweenor to the face ofstuds

P10/42 Mineral wool insulation slabs fixed to backing wall

P10/45 Insulation laid between floor joists

P10/50 Insulation supported between joists

Product range

Pavatex Insulation

Specification data - Wood fibre batt insulation Enhanced data


40 mm.

Straight edges, 1.05 m²K/W thermal resistance.

60 mm.

Straight edges, 1.55 m²K/W thermal resistance.

80 mm.

Straight edges, 2.1 m²K/W thermal resistance.

100 mm.

Straight edges, 2.6 m²K/W thermal resistance.

120 mm.

Straight edges, 3.15 m²K/W thermal resistance.

140 mm.

Rebated edges, 3.65 m²K/W thermal resistance.

160 mm.

Rebated edges, 4.2 m²K/W thermal resistance.

180 mm.

Rebated edges, 4.7 m²K/W thermal resistance.

200 mm.

Rebated edges, 5.25 m²K/W thermal resistance.

220 mm.

Rebated edges, 5.75 m²K/W thermal resistance.

240 mm.

Rebated edges, 6.3 m²K/W thermal resistance.


110 kg/m³.

Thermal conductivity (maximum)

0.038 W/mK.

Fire performance

To BS EN 13501–1, Class E.

Specific heat

2100 J/kgK.


Water vapour diffusion resistance

3 μ.

Compressive Strength (at 10% deformation)

50 kPa.

Tensile strength (minimum)

2.5 kPa.

Perpendicular to faces.

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