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Optima® Flexi-rainscreen is a versatile carrier and panel secret fixed system suitable for exterior use as rainscreen cladding or interior use as a wall covering.

System features:

  • Developed and manufactured in accordance with CWCT guidelines.
  • Does not support combustion.
  • Components meet the requirements of Class 0 fire performance in accordance with Building Regulations.

Support system:

The secondary system wall brackets are manufactured from extruded aluminium with a hands free facility for fixing to the extruded carrier profile allowing adjustability in all planes. The carrier profile is slotted to accept the integral panel hooks, complete with PVC anti-rattle clips. Vertical carriers include compression gaskets.


The universal carrier supports the single use or combination use of all the available panel material types and thicknesses.

Consult Sotech regarding structural restrictions, and constraints relating to panel size, fastener type and frequency of fixings.

General information
Specification data - Drained and back-ventilated rainscreen cladding systems
Product Reference

Optima Flexi Rainscreen

Panels -


Aluminium composite (ACM)


Stainless steel

Lead clad steel

Weathered zinc



1.2 mm

1.5 mm

2 mm

3 mm

4 mm



Polyester powder coated

Precoated PVdf or polyester

PVDF 70/30, two coat system, to AAMA 605

PVDF 70/30, three coat system, to AAMA 605





Not applicable


Column casing

Coping system

Corner profile - external

Corner profile - internal

Fascia system including bull-nose

Head profile

Jamb profile

Window sill profile

Product Options

Panel material/ thickness/ finish:

  • Aluminium: 2 mm; precoated PVdf or polyester.
  • Aluminium: 2 and 3.0 mm; polyester powder coated (PPC) to BS 6496.
  • Aluminium: 2 mm; anodized (25 micrometre minimum) to BS 3987.
  • Aluminium: 2 and 3 mm; PVdf 70/30 two coat system (25 micrometre) to AAMA605.
  • Aluminium: 2 and 3 mm; PVdf 70/30 three coat system (40 micrometre) to AAMA605.
  • Aluminium composite material (ACM): 4 mm.
  • Copper: 1.5 mm; natural finish.
  • Lead clad steel: 2 mm; natural lead finish.
  • Stainless steel (rigidized): 1.2 and 1.5 mm; natural, polished or patterned finish.
  • Weathered zinc: 1.5 mm, natural
  • Zinc: 1.5 mm, natural.


Refer to Sotech for available anodized, PPC, polyester and PVdf colours.

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