• For concealed installation.
  • For back to wall floor-standing WCs.



  • For concealed installation.
  • For back to wall floor-standing WCs.


  • Installation depth adjustable 120–150 mm.
  • Fully insulated against condensation.
  • Water supply connection left.
  • Protection housing for service opening, can be cut to length.
  • Dual flush with Omega flush plates.
  • Dual flush with pneumatic buttons.
  • Single flush with pneumatic buttons.
  • Connection hose to angle stop valve can be screw-connected by hand.
  • Fast adjustment of the actuator rods for flush plate.
  • Flush valve features 6 L and 4.5 L flush settings to enable either a 6 L and 3 L flush or a 4.5 L and 3 L flush. Must be used with pans designed for low volume flush.
  • The cistern can be operated with used water (rainwater) provided it is passed through a filter system first.
  • Front actuation.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_40_20_93_89 WC cisternsPrimary


N13/302 WCs and flushing valves

Specification data - WC cisterns

Product Reference

Installation height: 820 mm.

Installation height: 980 mm.

Installation height: 1080 mm.

Standard product features

Flow pressure range:

0.1–10 bar.

Operating temperature water (maximum):

25 °C.

Flush volume factory setting:

5.8 and 3 L.

Flush volume small range:

2.6–4 L.

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