Sigma Concealed Cistern 120 mm

  • Concealed installation.
  • Back to wall floor-standing WCs.


A cistern for building into a wall or duct and operated by either flush plates or pneumatic buttons.


  • Concealed installation.
  • Back to wall floor-standing WCs.


  • Concealed cistern fully insulated against condensation.
  • Front flush.
  • Protection cover for service opening can be mounted without tools and cut to length.
  • Flush valve features 6L and 4.5L flush settings to enable either a 6L and 3L flush or a 4.5L and 3L flush.
  • Adjustable flushing volume.
  • Water supply connection at centre back or at top.
  • Flush bend fitted.
  • Installation height: 1080 mm (can be cut down, depending on the WC pan performance).
  • Installation depth adjustable: 160–205 mm.
  • Fastening bracket adjustable in depth.
  • Cistern can be reversed to give access from behind in a duct situation when flushed with pneumatic buttons or electronic sensor flush.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_40_20_93_89 WC cisternsPrimary


N13/10 WC pans and flushing arrangements

N13/300 WCs and cisterns

Specification data - WC cisterns

Product Reference

109.309.00.5, Sigma Concealed Cistern 120 mm

Flush plate



Sigma50 dual flush, anti-vandal

Bolero dual flush

Sigma01 dual flush

Sigma10 single flush

Sigma20 dual flush

Sigma50 dual flush

Sigma60 dual flush

Sigma70 dual flush

Sigma80 dual flush

Tango single flush flushing, anti-vandal

Product Options

Flush plates/ finish/ colour:

- Geberit Sigma10 single flush plate:

  • 115.758.KH.5, gloss chrome/ matt chrome/ gloss chrome.
  • 115.758.KJ.5, white/ gloss chrome/ white.
  • 115.758.KK.5, white/ gold-plated/ white.
  • 115.758.KL.5, white/ matt chrome/ matt chrome.
  • 115.758.KM.5, black/ gloss chrome/ black.
  • 115.758.KN.5, matt chrome/ gloss chrome/ matt chrome.
  • 115.758.SN.5, brushed/ polished/ brushed.

- Geberit Sigma20 dual flush plate:

  • 115.778.KH.1, gloss chrome/ matt chrome/ gloss chrome.
  • 115.778.KJ.1, white/ gloss chrome/ white.
  • 115.778.KK.1, white/ gold-plated/ white.
  • 115.778.KL.1, white/ matt chrome/ matt chrome.
  • 115.778.KM.1, black/ gloss chrome/ black.
  • 115.778.KN.1, matt chrome/ gloss chrome/ matt chrome.

- Geberit Sigma50 dual flush plate:

  • 115.788.00.5, bespoke.
  • 115.788.11.5, white
  • 115.788.DW.5, RAL 9005 jet black.
  • 115.788.SD.5, smoked glass reflective.
  • 115.788.SE.5, green satinized.
  • 115.788.SQ.5, umber
  • 115.788.GH.5, brushed chrome.

- Geberit Sigma01 dual flush plate:

  • 115.770.11.5, white.
  • 115.770.21.5, gloss chrome.
  • 115.770.46.5, matt chrome.
  • 115.770.DW.5, RAL 9005 black.

- Geberit Tango single flush plate, anti-vandal:

  • 115.760.21.1, gloss chrome.
  • 115.760.46.1, matt chrome.
  • 115.760.GM.1, satinox.
  • 115.760.HC.1, palladium matt.
  • 115.760.KA, gloss-matt chrome.

- Geberit Bolero dual flush plate:

  • 115.777.11.1, white.
  • 115.777.21.1, gloss chrome.
  • 115.777.46.1, matt chrome.
  • 115.777.DW.1, RAL 9005 black.

Third party certifications
  • WRAS : approval expires December 2018
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