Novia FR Breather Membrane

Suitable for use in pitched cold and warm roofs, and insulated wall applications including those above 18 m in height.


A B‐s1,d0 fire class breather membrane, dual approved for both roof and wall applications. This membrane has maximum W1 water resistance, good breathability, is lightweight and easy to handle. It is black on the front and white on the reverse side, with an overlap line. There are no text or images on either side. Meets EN 13859‐1 for pitched roofing and EN 13859‐2 for walls.

Features and benefits:

  • B‐s1,d0 fire rating when fitted to A1/ A2 materials, D‐s2,d0 when on wood.
  • Good UV stability.
  • CE compliant to EN 13859‐1 (roofs) and EN 13859‐2 (walls).
  • Waterproofing membrane suitable for walls over 18 m.
  • Single product for all roofs and walls.
  • Monolithic breathable/ vapour permeable membrane design.
  • High performance thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)/ non‐woven laminate construction.
  • Suitable for use on fully boarded roofs.

General information


No logo printed



Black on front and white on the reverse side




Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)/ non‐woven laminate



1.5 x 50 m

Uniclass 2015

Pr_25_57_10_94 Vapour permeable sheetsPrimary


H20/150 Sheet cladding

H20/155 Sheet cladding

H21/110 Vertical timber weatherboarding

H21/111 Horizontal timber weatherboarding

H21/115 Vertical timber weatherboarding

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Specification data - Vapour permeable sheets Enhanced data


To BS EN 13859-1.

To BS EN 13859-2.

Class (minimum)


Weight (minimum)

110 g/m².

Reflective face


Product Reference

Novia FR Breather Membrane


Machine direction: 270 N/50 mm; cross direction: 175 N/50 mm to EN 12311‐1.

Elongation (to EN 12311‐1)

25% to EN 12311‐1.

Tear resistance

Machine direction: 90 N; cross direction: 100 N to EN 12310‐1.

Resistance to air penetration

0.05 m³/(m².h.50 Pa) to EN 12114.

Sd value

0.075 m to EN ISO 12572 C.

Resistance to water penetration

Class W1 to EN 1928A.

Class W1 (after ageing) to EN 13859‐1 Annex C.

Reaction to fire

B‐s1,d0 to EN 13501‐1 (when fitted to A1/ A2 materials, D‐s2,d0 when on wood).

Low temperature stability

‐40°C to EN 1109.

UV resistance


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