Novia Black Construction Wrap

Novia Black Construction Wrap

Novia Ltd

EN 1928 Class W1-approved 2.7 m wide breathable membrane for insulated wall and pitched roof applications.

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Suitable for all insulated frame applications.


A high quality, versatile breather membrane that complies with EN 13859-1 for pitched roofing and EN 13859-2 for walls. Novia Black Construction Wrap achieves maximum EN 1928 W1 water resistance while remaining highly breathable. It is strong and lightweight. The product is black on one side and white on the reverse, with a 150 mm overlap line. There are no text or images on either side.

Novia Black Construction Wrap is compliant with mandatory CE marking requirements introduced under the 2013 Construction Products Regulations.

Features and benefits:

  • Water resistance to EN 1928 W1 Class.
  • 2.7 m wide material for easier installation.
  • Industry leading quality wall breather for all insulated frame applications.
  • Completely black except for 150 mm lap line.
  • Highly vapour permeable.
  • Full specification breather membrane with three-layer laminate with microporous core.
  • Excellent tensile and nail tear strength.
  • Matt finish slip-resistant surface.
  • One month's UV resistance.
  • CE compliant to EN 13859-1 for roofs and EN 13859-2 for walls.
  • Also compliant to BS 4016 Type 1.
  • Recyclable and ecologically harmless.
  • Provides temporary protection during the construction phase.

General information


No logo print



Black/ white on reverse



Breathable microporous film



(w x l)

2.7 x 100 m

Uniclass 2015

Pr_25_57_10_94 Vapour permeable sheetsPrimary


H21/130 Breather membrane

H21/20 Breather membrane

H30/350 Breather membrane

H30/50 Breather membrane

H31/280 Breather membrane

H31/55 Breather membrane

H92/120 Rainscreen cladding

P10/320 Breather membrane

P10/65 Breather membrane

Specification data - Vapour permeable sheets Enhanced data


To BS EN 13859-1.

To BS EN 13859-2.

Class (minimum)


Third-party certification

CE compliant to EN 13859-1 (roofs) and EN 13859-2 (walls).

Weight (minimum)

95 g/m².

Reflective face


Product Reference

Novia Black Construction Wrap

Roll weight

25.5 kg.


100 g/m².

Tensile strength MD/CD

185/95 N/50 mm.

Elongation MD/CD


Tear resistance MD/CD

90/125 N.

Resistance to air penetration

0.05 m³/m³

Sd value

0.03 m.

Resistance to water penetration

W1 >250: Class cm.

Resistance against fire

F Class.

Low temperature stability


UV resistance

One month.


Novia Breather Membrane Lap Tape.

Novia Double-sided Adhesive Tape.

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