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Mesh Shelving System

Mesh Shelving System is a made-to-order industrial shelving system. Troax will calculate the tensile strength and fatigue resistance required, and will provide a shelving system specifically designed for the application. The system is based around 19 x 19 mm and 25 x 25 mm steel tubes and Z-profile sections with 50 x 50 mm mesh infills. Troax shelves are kept firmly in position by their own weight and angle sections at the edges, without fixings. They are rigid and robust due to the welded design.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_40_30_78_77 Shelf unitsPrimary


N10/160 Shelving system

N10/30 Shelving system

Specification data - Shelf units

Product Reference

Mesh Shelving System

Design load

125 kg

250 kg

500 kg

1000 kg


Grey RAL 7037



Available upon request; consult manufacturer for details and insert requirements.

Standard product features

Colour/ Finish:

Powder coating.