Troax (UK) Ltd

Troax (UK) Ltd

+44 (0)1793 542000

Troax is a global company with a long established UK presence, providing partitioning solutions for commercial, industrial, production and storage purposes. Offering a wide range of steel mesh, single skin and double skin steel modular panel systems to create enclosures, partitions and cages for both internal and external use. Their products provide solutions for safety and security in warehouse storage, protection of goods in retails outlets, property protection, cleanrooms, data centres, office and workspace enclosures within warehouses and safety in automated workspaces.

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Trade names

  • Bastion
  • Elan
  • Property Protection UR350
  • Property Protection UX450
  • Sigma
  • Titan
  • Troax
  • Warehouse Partitioning - Anti Collapse
  • Warehouse Partitioning UR325 / UX325
  • Warehouse Partitioning UR350
  • Warehouse Partitioning UX450
  • Warehouse Partitioning UX550 (Safe)