ManSafe® Constant Force® Fall Arrest System

Guided type fall arrest system using a cable attached to Constant Force® anchor posts. Provides individual protection, requiring direct action by each user to ensure they are protected.

Must be used with personal protective equipment (PPE), e.g. full body harness to BS EN 361, energy absorber to BS EN 355, and lanyard (of correct length) to BS EN 354. PPE procurement is normally the responsibility of the building owner/ user.

The level of user competency required to safely use different categories of system varies:

  • Perimeter system: Fall restraint; no PPE adjustment necessary; basic user training required.
  • Perimeter system with fall hazards in addition to roof edge (weak rooflights, vents, etc): Fall arrest; no PPE adjustment necessary; basic user training required.
  • Ridge system: Fall arrest; PPE adjustment necessary; advanced user training required. Not advised for roof pitch greater than 25°.

Note that perimeter systems generally do not give blanket coverage of a roof. If this is required, and a ridge system is deemed impractical/ unsuitable, then a series of interconnected systems must be installed, covering the full width of the roof.

Components are designed for compatibility with most roofing systems; Latchways technical literature gives specification details for the following:

Standing seam roofing systems:

  • Alumasc: AS 300/65 (Aluminium); AS 400/65 (Aluminium).
  • CA Group: Kalzip®300, Kalzip®305, Kalzip®333, Kalzip®400, Kalzip®500.
  • Euroclad: Euroseam 300, Euroseam 400, Euroseam 500 (Aluminium).
  • Keybemo: Bemo 65/305, Bemo 65/400, Bemo 65/500 (Aluminium).
  • Plannja: PA305, PA400 (Aluminium).
  • Rigidal: Ziplok 300, Ziplok 400, Ziplok 500 (Aluminium) and Thermozip (Aluminium).

Composite roofing systems:

  • Composite Panels: CPL Super 4.
  • Corus Cladding & Decking UK: D85/1000, D105/1000, D125/1000.
  • Corus European Profiles: Trisomet.
  • Haironville TAC: Ondatherm 201.
  • Ward Building Components: IP1000, DR1000.

Built up on site roofing systems:

  • CA Profiles: Twin-Therm™ (Steel).
  • Corus Cladding & Decking: Proclad CC32/1000, Proclad CC1000, Proclad CC1200.
  • Corus European Profiles: EP 1000/19, EP 1000/32, EP 1000/40.
  • Corus Precision Metal Forming: Long Rib 1000R, R32/1000, R40, R60.
  • Euroclad: 1000/32 F.
  • Haironville TAC: HC31, R34, R39, R79 (Steel).
  • Plannja: PS20B.

Secret fix roofing systems:

  • Euroclad: SF500 Secret Fix (Steel).

Polymeric single ply membrane roofing systems:

  • Protan (UK): Protan SE (Standard Overlap and Secret Fix), Protan G Adhered.
  • Sarnafil: Sarnafil G/S Membranes.
  • Sika: Sikaplan VG, Trocal S.
  • Ward Building Components: Ward Topdek.

Bituminous membrane roofing systems:

  • Contact Latchways Technical Department for information.

Latchways® systems can be retrofitted to existing buildings.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Ss_80_30_25_35 Guided type fall arrest systemsPrimary


N25/10 Personal fall protection equipment

N25/210 Personal fall protection equipment

Specification data - Guided type fall arrest systems

Product Reference

ManSafe® Constant Force® Fall Arrest System

System arrangement


Perimeter with fall hazards




End set


Corner set (90°)






Variable set


Cable length

___ metres

Transfastener (one per user)




System attachment



To suit bituminous membrane roofing system

To suit built up on site roofing system

To suit composite roofing system

To suit polymeric single ply membrane roofing system

To suit secret fix roofing system

To suit standing seam roofing system

Roofing manufacturer's system reference

Not applicable

Existing roof.

CF post finish



Polyester powder coated


To match roofing panels

System installation

By contractor trained and approved by Latchways

Other requirements


ClimbLatch attachment

Provide written approval of system fixing method from roofing manufacturer

Provide, at entrance to system, suitable signage giving instructions for operating system and directives about use of personal protective equipment; clearly state purposes and limitations of sytem

Standard product features

Constant Force® post:

  • Integral, stainless steel, energy absorbing coil ensures that, in the event of a fall, load transferred to roof cladding does not exceed 10 kN.
  • Dome: Marine grade stainless steel; Collar and base plates: Zinc coated carbon steel.
  • Each post carries a unique serial number to ensure traceability.

Anchorage device:

  • 7 x 7 stainless steel cable, grade 1.4401 (316S), to BS MA 29.

Turnbuckle, swage and clevis assemblies:

  • Provide methods of terminating cable at ends of system. Turnbuckle incorporates a tension indicator, which spins freely when the system is correctly tensioned.


  • Connects system user to anchorage cable. Passes through intermediate cable supports without need to detach and re-attach, allowing smooth, hands-free operation.
  • Made from stainless steel, grades 1.4401 (316S) and 17/4 PH.

Product Options

Finish to Constant Force® posts:

Polyester powder coating can be matched to roofing panels, if required.

D ring and hanger:

Attaches to intermediate CF post to form intermediate cable support.

90° Corner bracket:

One piece bracket; attaches to intermediate CF post to provide change of direction.

Variable bracket:

Attaches to intermediate CF post to provide angle change of between 0° and 80° in horizontal or vertical plane.

ClimbLatch™ attachment:

Required for inclined sections if roof pitch is greater than 15°.

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