Used as a supplement or alternative to ventilated ridges and eaves vents/ ventilator trays. Airflow –10 000 mm².


In stock in Elegant Black only. Bordeaux and Green colours but are available to special order only.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_30_59_29_73 Roof slope ventilator tilesPrimary


H67/395 Roof slope ventilators

H67/70 Roof ventilator tiles

Specification data - Roof slope ventilator tiles

Product Reference

EVA_W1 Elegance In-line air vent

DVA_W1 Classic and Elegance In-line air vent

SVA_W1 Stratos In-line air vent

BVA_W1 Oberon Stratos In-line air vent

AVI_W1 Parctile In-line air vent



DVSXW1 In-line tile vent adaptor

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