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G1105 Flash Vent Abutment Ventilator


For all profiles and flat tiles and slates.


An abutment flashing ventilator providing an airflow path equivalent in area to a continuous opening of 5 mm.

Features and benefits:

  • Manufactured by injection moulding EVA and copper, with a mastic sealant strip.
  • The flexible nature of the flash vent enables quick and easy installation on all profiles and flat tiles and slates.
  • The tortured path created by the pin array has also been designed to maximize support of the lead and provide an integral flyscreen.
  • The product provides free airflow of 5000 mm²/m and is designed for a minimum pitch of 15°.
  • The flash vent ventilates a pitches roof abutment detail and provides a weather tight airflow path equivalent in area to continuous opening of 5 mm.
  • The mastic strip on the underside adheres the product to the tile profile.
  • Flash vent has been independently wind tunnel tested for weather tightness and can be used over profiled tiles without compromising its effectiveness.
  • Ten copper fixing clips for each 3 m roll.

General information




Fixing clips.


Sealant strip.


0.235 x 3 m

(w x l)


Pr_30_59_29_02 Abutment ventilatorsPrimary


H60/675 Top edge ventilated abutments

H61/675 Top edge ventilated abutments

H62/675 Top edge ventilated abutments

H65/675 Top edge ventilated abutments

Specification data - Abutment ventilators Enhanced data


For ventilation and airflow.

Ventilation opening

5000 mm²/m.


0.235 x 3 m.

(w x l).