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Wall lining on timber subframe using one layer of Fermacell Gypsum Fibreboard linings.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Ss_25_25_45_35 Gypsum board wall lining systemsPrimary


K10/15 Lining on timber

K10/205 Lining on timber

Specification data - Gypsum board wall lining systems

Product Reference

Fermacell 3WH02 Wall Lining on Timber Subframe

Timber studs

30 x 50 mm

40 x 40 mm

60 x 40 mm


One layer 12.5 mm Fermacell and one layer 10 mm Fermacell


30 mm

30 mm stud.

40 mm

40 mm stud.

60 mm

60 mm stud.


Not required

Fermacell Fine Surface Treatment (FST)

Joint treatment

Fermacell Jointstik 1 mm glued joint

Square edged boards.

Fermacell Joint Filler 5–7 mm filled joint

Site cut boards.

Fermacell Joint Reinforcement Tape and Fermacell Joint Filler

Taper edge boards. N.B When using Tapered Edge Boards, first layer must be a Square Edge Board, for double layer systems.

Standard product features

Stud centres:

600 mm.

Lining fixings:

30 mm Fermacell screws at 400 mm centres, 40 mm Fermacell screws at 250 mm centres.

35 mm x 10 mm x 1.5 mm gauge Staples at 300 mm centres- first layer, 44 mm x 10 mm x 1.5 mm gauge Staples at 200 mm centres or 19 mm 10 mm x 1.5 gauge Diverging Staple (for board to board for board to board fixing).

Partition performance:

Sound insulation (flanking transmission Rw): 63 dB.

Recycled content:

Best Fermacell gypsum fibreboard contains 100% recycled content. All by-products recyclable.

Other requirements:

Fire stopping around service penetrations. Frame out openings with the same number of layers of board as per above specification. Sockets backed using baffle boxes, intumescent putty pads or suitable rock mineral wool, sufficient to maintain the fire/acoustic performance.

Movement joints are required at maximum 8 linear metre intervals.

Refer to manufacturer's literature. Vapour barrier as required for high humidity areas.

For tiled areas reduce studs to 400 mm centres as required. Tile adhesive to be suitable for gypsum based substrate.

Provide door reinforcement as required to suit door weights and opening size. Ensure no vertical joints at door jambs.

Offset all board joints by minimum 200 mm.

Product Options

Timber studs:

All sections: Fixed back to existing structure at 1000 mm centres.

Insulation (minimum density):

Mineral wool (all thicknesses): 20 kg/m³.

Thickness (overall):

- 12.5 mm and 10 mm board:

  • 30 mm studs: 52.5 mm.
  • 40 mm studs: 62.5 mm.
  • 60 mm studs: 82.5 mm.

Environmental information

Recycled content

Best Fermacell gypsum fibreboard contains 100% recycled content. All by-products recyclable%


Fermacell Orange Book

Fermacell Orange Book

Third party certifications

  • 90/2439
  • ETA
  • ECO Institute

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