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Knauf column and beam encasements are simple and easy to install, typically using the same components used in the partitions and linings on the rest of the project to simplify logistics and provide consistency to finishes.

The Knauf Encasement system uses fast drywall techniques, Knauf Fire Panel plasterboard and Knauf metal components.

Features and benefits:

  • Can provide up to two hours fire protection to steel columns and beams.
  • Protects structural steelwork for up to two hours load-bearing capacity.
  • Fast and economical to install.
  • Maintains the use of Knauf Plasterboard throughout the building, ensuring easy and consistent decoration.

To be installed in accordance with Knauf’s recommendations and British standards BS 8212-1995 and BS 8000-8:1994.

General information
Uniclass 2015
Ss_25_25_45_33 Gypsum board casing systemsPrimary

K10/255 Encasement system (metal framing)

Specification data - Gypsum board casing systems
Product Reference

Encasement System 1

Section factor

Encasements for Universal Columns and Universal Beams available. Consult manufacturer's literature for details and insert requirements.

Framing -
Channel configuration

Knauf ‘C’ Channels clipped vertically to Knauf Fixing Clips


Knauf Fixing Clips

Installed at maximum 1000 mm centres to each column/ beam flange. For impartial encasements and installation details, refer to manufacturer's literature.

Channel support

Knauf Perimeter Support ‘U’ Channel

Fixing into substrates

Knauf Nailable plugs at maximum 600 mm centres

Where alternative fixings are used to meet performance constraint confirmation is required from supplier.

Lining -

Knauf Fire Panel (around structural column or beam)

To establish the thickness of Knauf Fire Panel required, consult manufacturer. Number of boards/ thickness of board dependent on the section factor.

Horizontal board joints

Knauf 'C' channels

Lining fixings

Knauf Drywall Screws

Fixed at maximum 200 mm centres.

Knauf Performance Plus Screws

To be used with Knauf Performance Plus.

Perimeter Sealing

Knauf Intumescent and Acoustic Mastic


Consult manufacturer and insert requirements.

Fire performance (BS476: Part 21)

As determined by panel thickness and type

Consult manufacturer for information.


Taped and Jointed for a Seamless finish using Knauf Jointing Products

Taped and skimmed with Knauf Finishing Plaster

Knauf RMF [Ready Mixed Finishing] in accordance with General clauses

Product Options


- Type:

Use Knauf Performance Plus in high humidity environments.