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Elexant 450c Pipe Freeze Protection and Temperature Maintenance System Intelligent Controller


The nVent RAYCHEM Elexant 450c controller is designed for operation with the nVent RAYCHEM heating cables. Non-hazardous locations.


Next generation DIN-mounted touch screen heat tracing controller for dual independent heating zone control with multiple integrated sensing modes (Line and/or PASC) and remote alarm capability for the most energy efficient pipe freeze protection and temperature maintenance control.

The Elexant 450c is EN 60204-1/ EN 61439-1 Compliant and has an ingress rating of IP54. The Elexant can run multiple independent heating circuits in proportional ambient sensing (PASC) and line temperature sensing control with simultaneous operation capability integrated potential volt free alarm. Elexant 450c can be specified within an SBS Trace Heating Panel or alternatively as a stand alone unit, please note the Elexant 450c must be mounted on a DIN Rail.

Electronic thermostat for two heating zones with independent control, two sensor inputs and an alarm relay output for DIN rail mounting in the control enclosure. Temperature range 0–65°C. 4.3" colour touchscreen with dashboard overview of temperatures and error messages.

Technical characteristics:

  • Power consumption 4 VA.
  • Output relay / contactor / heating cable two 4 A / 230 V a.c.
  • Power supply terminals 3 x 1.5 mm².
  • Heating cables terminals contactor 2 x 2 x 1.5 mm².
  • Alarm terminals 3 x 1.5 mm².
  • Sensor terminals 2 x 2 x 1.5 mm².
  • Modbus terminal 3 x 1.5 mm².
  • Alarm relay Single pole double throw relay, voltage – free, rating 2A/ 250 V a.c.
  • Real time clock Automatic summer/winter time and leap year connection.
  • Clock back up ten days.
  • Keylock Password protection for parameter settings.
  • USB Port For preset-up in power off mode and firmware upgrade.
  • Settings All settings are stored in non-volatile memory.
  • Exposure temperature 0–40°C.
  • Selectable temperature range: 0–85°C (when used with SM-PT100-2 up to +250°C).
  • Material PPE.
  • Mounting option DIN-Rail mountable 35 mm, in-panel.
  • Storage temperature -20°C to +50°C.
  • Flammability class D category (DIN EN60730/VDE0631-1).
  • Weight 550 g.
  • Operation modes: Lines sensing, Ambient sensing mode, (P.A.S.C. Proportional Ambient Temperature Sensor Control); OFF.

Features and benefits:

  • Dual heating modes - pipe or ambient temperature controlled.
  • Proportional Ambient Sensing Control (PASC algorithm) for a low energy consumption in ambient sensor mode.
  • Alarm relay to signal power, temperature or communications fault.
  • NTC sensor.
  • Two 4 A switching capacity.
  • Monitoring of the pipe temperature, with over and under temperature alarm.
  • Sensor failure alarm.
  • Programmable Fail Safe function in the event of a sensor break, sensor short circuit.
  • Alarm relay to the BMS.
  • Data logging file for system performance monitoring.
  • Keylock.

General information




158 x 110 x 56 mm

Uniclass 2015

Pr_75_50_18_26 Electric trace heating control and monitoring panelsPrimary


S90/565 Trace heating tape for pipelines

Specification data - Electric trace heating control and monitoring panels Enhanced data


Freeze protection and temperature maintenance.

Operating voltage

230 V a.c. (–15/+10%); 50 Hz.



Material and finish

Polyphenylene ether (PPE).

Ingress protection (minimum)





  • Temperature line sensor for HWAT-T55 thermostat, HWAT ECO V5, RAYSTAT V5 and Elexant 450c control unit for fixing on pipe as an additional sensor or as a spare part.
  • NTC 2K - sensor.
  • Sensor length: 10 m.
  • Diameter sensor length: 4 mm.
  • Diameter sensor probe: 5 mm.
  • Length sensor probe: 20 mm.
  • Temperature range: 0–70°C.

SM-PT-100-2 Sensor module/ Converter for ELEXANT 450c.

  • For conversion to PT100 sensor input.
  • Extension of temperature range up to 250°C.

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