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Fixing clips designed for use with Edilians roof tiles. Required when wind load calculations deem that nailing of tiles is insufficient.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_20_29_14_86 Steel clipsPrimary


H60/105 Clay roof tiling

H60/110 Clay roof tiling with counterbattens

H60/145 Clay vertical tiling

H60/3 Roof tiling

H60/5 Roof tiling with counterbattens

H65/110 Clay roof tiling with counterbattens

H65/3 Roof tiling

H65/5 Roof tiling with counterbattens

Specification data - Steel clips

Product Reference


Tile clip, 75 x 48 mm.


Tile clip, 65 x 48 mm.


Tile clip, 48 x 48 mm.


Universal eave clip.

Edilians Head/ Tail Clip

Product Options

Product reference:

  • 409002: For use with Panne H2 roof tiles.
  • 409010: For use with Double HP20 and HP10 roof tiles.
  • 409015: For use with Beauvoise 20 and Monopole No.1 roof tiles.
  • 436d: For use with all Edilians interlocking tiles.
  • Edilians Head/ Tail Clip: For use with Double Panne S and Panne S roof tiles.

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