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Edilians is a major European producer of clay roof tiles employing 1200 people at its 14 manufacturing facilities. With a history spanning 200 years they have been supplying quality clay roof tiles into the UK, in partnership with a national network of dedicated distributors and stockist's providing ex-stock availability from the widest range of natural clay tiles in a formidable variety of colours profiles and textures. The Edilians portfolio includes attractive traditional plain tiles, classic pantiles and many options of clay slate interlocking tiles that are all complimented by other innovative designs providing cost effective affordable solutions for your next project. Throughout production Edilians' facilities have ascertained certification of the A+ green guide rating, issued in combination with BES6001 Responsible Sourcing and BS EN 14001 environmental standards. ISO 9001 quality assurance standards, ensures that the low carbon foot print of the Edilians range remains an attractive option for specifiers. This is further enhanced by offering the company's very own integrated Photovoltaic renewable energy systems alongside a comprehensive 30 year market leading warranty.

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Trade names

  • 20x30 Plain Tile
  • Beauvoise
  • Double HP20
  • Graphite
  • HF
  • HF Tuileries
  • HP10
  • HP17
  • Huguenot Fenal
  • Imerys
  • Imerys Roof Tiles
  • Imerys TC
  • Imerys Toiture
  • Monopole no.1
  • Neo plain Tile
  • Panne H2
  • Panne S Double
  • Panne S Single
  • Phalempin
  • Stretto
  • TPVS Photovoltaic