Eaves Guard is a highly UV resistant polymeric eaves protection system is extremely durable and will give maintenance free service for many years.

Pitched roof underlays are normally dressed into the eaves gutter, leaving a strip of material exposed. Some underlays can deteriorate and even disintegrate after relatively short exposure to water and sunlight. Eaves Guard provides protection in this location.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_30_59_29_62 Plastics eaves underlay supportPrimary


H67/320 Eaves underlay supports

H67/37 Eaves

Specification data - Plastics eaves underlay support

Product Reference

DXUM400 Eaves Guard 400

DXUM370 Eaves Guard 370

DVES60 Warm Roof Eaves Guard

Product Options

Product reference:

Eaves Guard 400:

  • Use with Classic, Elegance, Plus Tile and Parctile.

Eaves Guard 370:

  • Use with Stratos and Decra Oberon tiles.

Warm Roof Eaves Guard:

  • Use with all Decra tile profiles in warm roof situations where the breather membrane sits on top of insulation board.

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