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DuPont™ Tyvek® Trifecta™ - A2-Fire Rated Breather Membrane

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DuPont™ Tyvek®

A2-fire rated breather membrane.

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  • Installed into an external wall system, on mineral boards.
  • May be used in any wall system, but most appropriate in metal frame ventilated façades that  require compliance with fire regulations.
  • Suitable for all building types, including those of high risk and those above the 11 m/ 18 m fire safety threshold.

DuPont™ Tyvek® Trifecta™ installation (CAWS): See linked clauses for details.


Rolls of Tyvek® Trifecta™ should be stored palletised or on their sides on a smooth clean surface, under cover and protected from direct sunlight.



Care should be taken when handling the membrane in order to prevent tears and punctures occurring. Any that do occur should be repaired with DuPont™ AirGuard® FR System Tape (1310FR).



Unroll Tyvek® Trifecta™ horizontally over the face of the construction. Ensure maximum coverage of membrane by extending 100 mm minimum below the lowest structural timber/steel member.


Fixing – to timber studs/sheathing

Fix Tyvek® Trifecta™ with stainless steel staples or corrosion resistant nails; a rubber or EPDM washer should sit between the screw heads and the membrane to avoid water ingress. Alternatively, fixings can be applied in the overlap section. Fix membrane at 600 mm centres horizontally, 300 mm centres vertically and at 150 mm centres at joints and openings.


Fixing - to masonry

Tyvek® Trifecta™ may be fixed to masonry with a suitable anchor fixing system or a masonry nail/screw and EPDM rubber washer. Fixings should be at maximum 500 mm centres.

Fixing - to steelwork (SFS)

Tyvek® Trifecta™ can be fixed to Steelwork with an appropriate mechanical fixing through to the steel structure, commonly suitable drill-tip or self-tapping screws may be used. The screws must sit flush (not countersunk) and a rubber or EPDM washer should sit between the screw heads and the membrane to avoid water ingress. Screw fixings should be spaced vertically at 500 mm centres on every stud (typically spaced at 600 mm horizontal centres).


Fixing - Rainscreen Cladding Applications

Tyvek® Trifecta™ may be fixed to the external face of a cement bonded particle board, external Gypsum board or other Euroclass A1/A2 rated sheathing, using a sheathing appropriate fixing. Appropriate fixings range from stainless Steel Staples for denser boards to drill-tip or self- tapping screws (with soft washers). See Fixing - to steelwork (SFS) above. Tyvek® double sided tape (1310D) can be used to seal laps at perimeters.


Initial fixings are preferable in the lap line or covered with AirGuard® FR System Tape (1310FR) to protect the membranes integrity.

In many cases, the retrospective fixing of cladding brackets (and insulation) will provide the principle security for the membrane. Care should be taken to ensure these components are fixed tightly over the membrane to avoid water ingress.


All horizontal laps should be 100 mm. Vertical laps should be 150 mm min.


Non-combustible vapour permeable membrane with a A2-s1,d0 (EN 13501-1) fire performance and Class W1 water resistance, allowing improved protection and fire safety over standard membranes.

This product is suitable for use in high risk buildings, including those above the fire safety threshold: 18 m England Wales, 11 m Scotland. The complete A-rated fire membrane system includes the AirGuard® FR System Tape for lap sealing.

Features and benefits:

  • Full A2-s1,d0 system class: DuPont™ Tyvek® Trifecta® for the cold side of the envelope, AirGuard® A2 FR AVCL on the warm side, AirGuard® FR System Tape to seal laps and penetrations.
  • Surpasses Building Regulations Part B for unrestricted use in Higher Risk buildings, inc. height and proximity.
  • 12 months' free exposure to UV.
  • W1 water resistance to EN 1928 (A) for effective weather protection.
  • Available in industry standard 1.5 m width.
  • Low vapour resistance for condensation control.
  • Extremely robust, with exceptional strength characteristics.
  • 25-year warranty.

General information









Guidance for specification option:

Supplied in rolls.



25000 mm


1500 mm


0.4 mm

Warranty description

25 year


Pr_25_57_10_94 Vapour-permeable sheetsPrimary


H20/10 Sheet cladding

H20/155 Sheet cladding (attached to timber battens)

H30/50 Breather membrane

H31/55 Breather membrane

H31/280 Breather membrane

H30/350 Breather membrane

H21/20 Breather membrane

H21/130 Breather membrane

H92/785 Breather membrane

P10/320 Breather membrane

P10/65 Breather membrane

Specification data - Vapour-permeable sheets


To BS EN 13859-2: 2010.

Performance characteristics

Water vapour transmission (sd) to EN ISO 12572: 0.08 m.
Flexibility at low temperature, to EN 1109: -40°C.
UV exposure: Two months.
Reaction to fire, to EN ISO 11925-2: Class A2.
Maximum tensile force (MD), to EN 12311-1: 3750 N/50mm.
Maximum tensile force (CD), to EN 12311-1: 2750 N/50mm.
Elongation at maximum tensile force (MD/ CD), to EN 12311-1:4%.
Resistance to penetration of air, to EN 12114: 0.009 m³/m²·h·50Pa.

Guidance for specification option:

MD: Machine direction; CD: Cross direction.

Where values quoted are nominal, ranges are as follows:

  • Water vapour transmission (sd): 0.05–0.12.
  • Maximum tensile force (MD): 3000–4500 N/50mm.
  • Maximum tensile force (CD): 2000–4300 N/50mm.
  • Elongation at maximum tensile force: 2–6%.

Class (minimum)


Guidance for specification option:

To EN 1928.


Two-layer laminate: glass scrim with flame-retardant special film.


Manufacturer's standard.

Guidance for specification option:

Consult manufacturer for details.

Supplied in rolls.

Third-party certification

BBA pending.

Guidance for specification option:

Consult manufacturer for details.

Weight (minimum)

400 g/m².

Guidance for specification option:


Minimum: 365 g/m²; maximum: 435 g/m².

Thickness (minimum)

Manufacturer's standard.


Guidance for specification option:

Mechanical fixings such as staples, screws with washers, etc.

Consult manufacturer's literature details of appropriate fixings, tapes etc. based on substrate and/or application, and insert requirements.

Roll size

1.5 x 25 m.

Guidance for specification option:

Width x length.

Sustainability data

Contains Red List materials


Country of material origin


Country of product manufacture




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DuPont™ Tyvek® Trifecta™ brochure

DuPont™ Tyvek® Trifecta™ brochure

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