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Solar shading.


Solar shading available with fixed or electrically adjustable louvre blades. The fixed louvre blades are installed at an angle of 0° or 45°. Closed electronically adjustable louvre blades offer an optimum solar shading effect. It can be installed horizontally or vertically to the support structure. Available in seven widths of 100–400 mm.

Features and benefits:

  • The elliptical louvre blades ensure the maximum amount of diffused daylight.
  • Compact assembly ensures optimum shading.
  • Choice of seven louvre blade types.
  • Wide range of assembly applications.
  • Ten-year warranty.


Solar shading.

General information

Aluminium, EN AW – 6063 T66

Uniclass 2015 Carbon steel brise-soleil units (Pr_30_59_09_15)
Specification data
Product Reference

DucoSun Ellips Intermediate

Fixed louvres with side plates.

DucoSun Ellips Adjustable

Electrically adjusted louvres with support profiles.

DucoSun Ellips Multifit

Manually adjusted louvres with brackets, eleven variable inclination angles.

DucoSun Ellips Unifit

Fixed louvres with brackets.



For Intermediate only.


Louvre blades -

Ellips 100

Blade width: 100 mm, blade height: 26 mm.

Ellips 150

Not available with Multifit, blade width: 150 mm, blade height: 35 mm.

Ellips 200

Blade width: 200 mm, blade height: 37 mm.

Ellips 250

Blade width: 250 mm, blade height: 43.5 mm.

Ellips 300

Blade width: 300 mm, blade height: 50 mm.

Ellips 350

Blade width: 350 mm, blade height: 57 mm.

Ellips 400

Blade width: 400 mm, blade height: 63 mm.

Inclination angle

Not applicable

For Adjustable and Multifit.

Not available with Adjustable and Multifit.


For Intermediate only.

Side plates

Not applicable

For Adjustable, Multifit and Unifit.


For Intermediate only.

Special order

Insert requirements, for Intermediate only.

Standard product features


Aluminium, EN AW – 6063 T66.

Motor (Adjustable):

  • Supply voltage: 230 V AC, 50 Hz.
  • Current: 0.55 A.
  • Power: 126 W.
  • IP rating: IP65.
  • Actuator cable length: 2 m.

Product Options

Finish/ Colour:

  • Anodized: Qualanod-compliant, coating thickness 15–20 µm, standard natural colour (clear anodizing).
  • Powder coated: Qualicoat-compliant, minimum average coating thickness 60–80 µm, standard RAL colours with 70% gloss.

Maximum span:

Dependent on model, louvre blades and wind load.