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At Duco Ventilation & Sun Control, we give special consideration to health-related issues when developing new natural ventilation and solar shading brise soleil systems. The wide variety of air terminals and architectural external solar shading systems available guarantee a healthy and comfortable indoor environment. Since the company was founded in 1991, Duco has become a major player in the European market in the field of natural ventilation and solar shading systems, providing a healthy solution. Whatever the situation, we can offer the best possible in-house solution: Window ventilation or façade ventilation, acoustic or with solar shading. In addition to the added value to building façades in terms of aesthetics, architectural solar shading systems will reduce the cooling load. This results in a natural elimination of the need for high-energy consuming air conditioning systems. The well balanced combination of basic ventilation, external solar shading and night cooling offers optimum air quality internally. Whether it be for residential buildings, offices, schools or care institutions, Duco offers an innovative and all inclusive solution where health is a prime concern. Duco , Home of Oxygen.

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Trade names

  • DucoDoor Grille
  • DucoDoor Louvre
  • DucoDoor Wall
  • DucoFlat
  • DucoGrille
  • DucoGrille Acoustic
  • DucoGrille Classic
  • DucoGrille Close
  • DucoGrille NightVent
  • DucoGrille Solid
  • DucoMax
  • DucoPlus
  • DucoSlide
  • DucoSlide Bifold/Quadrafold
  • DucoSlide Luxframe
  • DucoSlide Slimframe
  • DucoStrip
  • DucoSun
  • DucoSun C
  • DucoSun CF
  • DucoSun Cubic
  • DucoSun D
  • DucoSun Ellips
  • DucoSun Linear
  • DucoSun Wing
  • DucoTip
  • DucoTop
  • DucoTronic System
  • DucoWall
  • DucoWall Acoustic
  • DucoWall Basic
  • DucoWall Classic
  • DucoWall Solid