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Recommended for factories, warehouses and garages.


A double-skinned thermally insulated steel roller shutter designed for reducing building energy consumption and noise produced by wind loading and shutter action. 

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L20/610 Roller shutters/ curtains

Specification data - Roller shutters


BS EN 13241-1, BS EN 12604 BS EN 12423, BS EN 12424.

Opening sizes


Manufacturer guidance

Under standard construction dimensions up to 6000 x 6000 mm.

Larger sizes by specification. Please consult Fortress SEFA for advice.


Vertical roller shutter for face fixing.



Resistance to wind load

BSEN 12424:2000, Classification 5.

Acoustic performance

Weighted Level Difference Dw value 22 dB.

Thermal resistance

Insulation material U Value 0.7 w/m²K.

Shutter curtain


Lath material

Fortress Punched plus double Glazed sections with anti scratch polycarbonate UV stabilizing vision panels.

Guidance for specification option:


Interlocking galvanized steel laths, 100 mm in depth, with dual ribbed solid flat profiles restrained laterally by end locks riveted to both ends on each lath.

Guidance for specification option:

Standard. Curtain complete with 100% FCF-free expanded polystyrene insulated core.

Fortress Wind lock System™ and Retention Test Certification to lath.

BS EN 12453 Galvanised steel roll-formed base bar with Fortress Anti-Catch System™ designed to avoid any lifting hazard.

Base bar complete with interlocking rubber seal to prevent vermin access, water ingress and unwanted air movement.

Finish and colour

BS 00A05.

BS 04E53.

BS 08B29.

BS 12B27.

BS 18B25.

BS 18E53.

RAL 1015.

RAL 1021.

RAL 3005.

RAL 3020.

RAL 5003.

RAL 5005.

RAL 5010.

RAL 5013.

RAL 5015.

RAL 6005.

RAL 6029.

RAL 7016.

RAL 7021.

RAL 7031.

RAL 7035.

RAL 7037.

RAL 8016.

RAL 9001.

RAL 9005 (BLACK).

RAL 9006 (SILVER).

RAL 9007.

RAL 9010 (WHITE).

RAL 9910.

Manufacturer guidance

Door curtain and guides can be supplied BS EN 12206-1 DuPont® polyester powder coated (PPC) to the Fortress Pro-Tec range of 29 BS and RAL colours. Matt PPC finishes only. All finishes are applied in-house using an electrostatic process. Under normal circumstances average film thickness of 60-80 μm (microns) is applied. Non-standard colours are available on request - this may increase lead times. Please consult Fortress SEFA for advice.

Frame and guides



BS EN 12424 Fortress DB100 G-channel™ 2.5 mm steel roll-formed guides with concealed fixing and wind locking channel. A nylon and brush extrusion profile ensures no sharp edges are exposed. DB100 G-channel™ complete with steel plated steel caps and nylon edge protection with mohair anti-friction strip to reduce friction and noise produced by the shutter action.


Galvanized to BS EN ISO 1461.

Manufacturer guidance

Standard finish is a galvanized steel curtain and guides with non-galvanized components lacquered.




BS EN 12453 Fortress DBi101 30% duty Chain Drive System™ 415 Volt 3-phase operator with push button controls, supplied with hand chain operation for use in the event of emergency open/closure. BS EN 12604 Inertia safety brake system fitted to prevent door from dropping and closing in an unsafe manner.


BS EN 12453 Hold-to-run and dead-man close automation for applications where there are untrained door users. Drive unit incorporates a manual release for emergency use of hand chain. .


Auto time return control panel.

Battery backup

Guidance for specification option:

240 Volt single-phase operation (maximum dimensions 

4500 x 4500 mm).

Brush seal to head.

Fascia hood.

Galvanized sheet steel coil casing.

High security ground lock.

Induction loop card.

Micro switch.

Motor hood.

Guidance for specification option:

(BS EN 13241-1: all moving parts to be covered by casing on all  

Shutters under 2500 mm high).


Guidance for specification option:

Photocell (light beam sensor will detect the presence of a person or object that interrupts the light beam providing a non-contact safety system).

Radar sensor.

Remote control receiver and transmitters.

Self-checking safety edge.

Guidance for specification option:

Self-checking safety edge (will stop and reverse the door movement immediately upon contact with an obstacle).

Wicket gate.

Guidance for specification option:

standard size 600 x 1830 mm, complete with lock, handles and safety locking system.


Carbon steel tube finished with one coat rust inhibitive primer.

End plates

6–8 mm (depending on curtain size/weight) carbon steel plates finished with one coat rust inhibitive primer or BS EN 12206-1 DuPont® polyester powder coated (PPC) finish.

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