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Duct panel system compatible with the Cubicle Express cubicle system.

General information
Specification data - Duct and wall panel lining systems
Product Reference

Cubicle Express Duct Panels

Standard product features


  • Core material: 660 kg/m³ grade moisture resistant chipboard.
  • Thickness (nominal): 18 mm.
  • Facings: Melamine.
  • Edge treatment: 1 mm matching PVC.


18 mm thick, melamine-faced, moisture resistant chipboard.

Panel fixing:

Flashgap strips are fixed to a site-formed wood frame. Concealed plastic clips fix facing panels to the edge of flashgap strips.

Joint treatment:

Nominal 25 mm shadowgap between each panel section: 70 mm wide to accommodate cubicle partition.

Access panels:

Removable access panels as standard.

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