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Codale Conic Free Standing Modular Structure

Codale Conic Free Standing Modular Structure

Able Canopies Ltd

The Codale Conic Free Standing Canopy has a modern design with a steel and waterproof fabric construction. It is available from 3 m x 3 m to 15 m x 15 m.

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A stylish canopy suitable for a range of applications including a colourful playground canopy, outdoor dining canopy and student social or study canopy. The cost-effective shade and shelter structure is constructed from a galvanized steel frame that can be coloured in a choice of 25 matt colours, including natural and vibrant shades. Integral guttering is hidden within the canopy beams and drains down inside the canopy leg posts. This gives the canopy a sleek, clean line appearance.

The frame is covered with a 650 g/m² waterproof tensile fabric that is also available in 16 different colours. The roof fabric offers 100% UV protection and is completely waterproof, fire retardant and has anti-fungicidal properties.

General information

10 years

Uniclass 2015
Pr_20_65_78_58 Open sided sheltersPrimary

B91/330 Canopy

Specification data - Open sided shelters
Product Reference

Codale Conic Free Standing Modular Structure


Insert requirement. Varies proportionately with footprint dimensions.

Colour -
Roof fabric




Dark Green

Dark Grey

Dark Red



Light Blue

Light Grey

Mid Grey




Signal Yellow

Sunshine Yellow



RAL 1003 Signal Yellow

RAL 1013 Oyster White

RAL 1014 Ivory

RAL 1021 Rap Yellow

RAL 2011 Deep Orange

RAL 3000 Flame Red

RAL 3011 Brown Red

RAL 5010 Gentian Blue

RAL 5015 Sky Blue

RAL 6016 Turquoise Green

RAL 6026 Opal Green

RAL 7035 Light Grey

RAL 7037 Dusty Grey

RAL 7038 Agate Grey

RAL 8017 Chocolate Brown

RAL 9005 Jet Black

RAL 9010 Pure White


Special order

Insert requirement.





Lux roof skylight

Post pads

PVC-U walls and glazing

Roller shutters

Terrace screens

Standard product features

Roof fabric:

Waterproof tensile fabric with a weight of 650 g/m², providing high tear and split resistance. The tensile fabric has a strength of 250/230 daN/5 cm.


  • Square as standard.
  • Rectangular available, contact manufacturer for details.

- 3–7 x 3–7 m size:

  • Main frame: Constructed from 150 x 100 mm steel box section.
  • Legs: Constructed from 150 x 150 mm steel box sections.

- 7–15 x 7–15 m size:

  • Main frame: Constructed from 200 x 150 mm steel box section.
  • Legs: Constructed from 175 x 175 mm steel box sections.


Powder coated.

Weather resistance:

The tensile fabric is UV stabilized offering the highest UV protection. It blocks up to 100% of the sun's harmful UV rays. It will not absorb moisture and is designed to perform well in all normal weather conditions.


Ten-year guarantee on the steel framework and a six-year guarantee on the fabric. It has a life expectancy of approximately 15 years.

Fire performance:

Fire retardant to BS 7157, BS 7837 and European M2 classification.

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