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Stainless steel, high-speed hand dryer. It is compact, and suitable for small space and high-traffic areas; and is the smallest hand dryer in the Velocity range.


  • Blue LED light indicator optimizes drying efficiency.
  • 10 seconds drying time.
  • Adjustable speed and sound control.
  • Heater on/ off switch.
  • 60 seconds cut-off time.
  • Carbon filter is included with stainless steel holder.
  • Three-year warranty.

CE-marked and ROHS-compliant.

General information

Blue LED light indicator optimizes drying efficiency

10 seconds drying time

Adjustable speed and sound control

Heater on/ off switch

60 seconds cut-off time

Carbon filter is included with stainless steel holder

Three-year warranty

CE-marked and ROHS-compliant



Uniclass 2015
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Specification data - Hand dryers
Product Reference

BC2008 Dolphin High-Speed Mini Economy Hand Dryer


Not required

BC2000 Splash panel

Stainless steel.

Standard product features

Dimensions (h x w x d):

270.1 x 161.4 x 101 mm.




3.3 kg.

Technical properties:

  • Total power: 500–1000 W (stand-by power <0.5 W).
  • Heater: 250–500 W.
  • Sound level: 69 dB.
  • IP rating: IP24.
  • Motor speed: 29 000 rpm.
  • Air speed: 342–414 km/h.
  • Air volume: 80 m³/h.
  • Brush life: 288 000 uses (10 seconds).

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