Arezzo-25 Fencing


Arezzo fencing is designed for projects which require the protection of a load bearing barrier fence, such as parapets or for crowd control at a sports stadium.

Mesh size: 76 x 25 mm, horizontal flat bars 30 x 2 mm, vertical round bars: 4 mm diameter.

Panels are combined in multiples of 1000 mm to create a fence of the required height. Extra wide panels (> 2510 mm) can be supplied by increasing the section of flat bar.

Panels and posts have been designed to comply with BS 6399-1 for barrier fencing. A separate horizontal rail is fixed at 1100 mm above ground level to accommodate the uniformly distributed line load.

Arezzo-15 with a 76 x 15 mm aperture can also be used to create a custom-designed fence to meet a required loading.

Grating fences are supplied in accordance with BS 1722-14.

Panels and posts can be supplied galvanized only or galvanized and powder coated to any RAL colour.

General information


Hot dip galvanized

To BS EN ISO 1461.

Hot dip galvanized and polyester powder coated

Insert RAL or BS colour to BS EN ISO 1461 and BS 1722–16.


Electrofused steel S235JR

Uniclass 2015

Ss_25_14_67_51 Metal mesh panel fencing systemsPrimary


Q40/126 Open mesh steel panel security fencing

Q40/27 Open mesh steel panel fencing

Q40/30 Proprietary fencing

Q40/430 Proprietary fencing

Q41/135 Proprietary protective barriers

Specification data - Metal mesh panel fencing systems

Product Reference

Arezzo-25 Fencing

Fence height

1000 mm

2000 mm

3000 mm


2510 mm

Post centres: 2560–2610 mm.



Straight section

100 x 50 mm RHS

For fence height: 1000 mm.

100 x 60 mm RHS

For fence height: 2000 mm.

150 x 150 mm RHS

For fence height: 3000 mm.


80 x 80 mm RSA

For panel height: 1000 mm.

100 x 100 mm SHS

For panel height: 2000 mm.

Two flat bar posts

For corners that are not 90 degrees.


For anchoring within wall pockets

For ground fixing

Off-set over top of wall

With base plates for fixing to a concrete foundation


Hot dip galvanized

To BS EN ISO 1461.

Hot dip galvanized and polyester powder coated

Insert RAL or BS colour to BS EN ISO 1461 and BS 1722–16.

Standard product features


Electrofused steel S235JR.

Panel width:

2510 mm (achieves a nominal width of 2560 mm).


Fences are designed with the round bars set to the inside of the enclosed area.


  • Fastenings: Panels fixed to posts with stainless steel bolts with domed heads and snap-off security nuts, all stainless steel grade A2.
  • Groundwork: Refer to BS 1722 giving consideration to existing ground conditions. Posts to be set in holes 300 to 400 mm square in plan and between 550 and 700 mm in depth, depending on fence height. Holes should be completely filled to a minimum of 50 mm below ground level with concrete mix (minimum strength of C20).
  • Height from ground: Panels to sit 100 mm (maximum) off ground.
  • Changes in level: Fence panels stepped to 150 mm (maximum) on standard length post. Post centres to be reduced for steeper gradients (between 1:20 and 1:7).
  • Changes in direction: 60 x 60, 80 x 80 or 100x100 mm SHS or RSA for 90 degree corner post. Composite flat bar posts for other angles.

Product Options

Bespoke designs:

The integrity of the grating material allows it to be cut or shaped to a custom design. Non-standard widths available following site survey or cut on site and fixed to posts with Lang+Fulton adjustable lug.


Alternative lengths and style of post:

  • For ground fixing.
  • With base plates for fixing to a concrete foundation.
  • Off-set over top of wall.
  • For anchoring within wall pockets.


Polyester powder coating is a multi-stage process which applies thermo-setting resins producing a superior finish to painting.


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