Antique, Silver and Tinted Mirrors

Antique mirror:

Murano and Venetian are reproduction antique finish mirrors have a subtle understated finish which provide a period look. The nature of these products also means that no two stock sheets are ever alike, making each piece individual.

Plain silver mirror:

Gx Glass uses a low iron mirror glass as opposed to traditional float glass mirror (which has a slight green hue) for its standard stock which gives a much crisper, true reflection when viewed face on. Low iron mirror also offers the advantage of not affecting the colour of other glass products when used as a basis for a laminate product.

Tinted and coloured mirror:

Our standard tinted mirror colours are Blue, Bronze, Green, Grey and Pink all of which can be used in a wide range of interior applications.

General information


Uniclass 2015

Pr_25_71_53_46 Large mirrorsPrimary


L40/550 Glass mirrors

N10/270 Mirrors

N13/438 Mirrors

Specification data - Large mirrors

Product Reference

Antique Mirror, Murano

Antique Mirror, Venetian

Low Iron Silver Mirror

Tinted Mirror, Blue

Tinted Mirror, Bronze

Tinted Mirror, Green

Tinted Mirror, Grey

Tinted Mirror, Pink


Insert requirement.


4 mm

10 kg/m², not available in Tinted Mirror, Blue, Green and Pink.

6 mm

15 kg/m².


Bevelled edges

Available on 6 mm mirror up to 50 mm bevel.

Polished edges



Insert requirements.


Metal Foil Backing

Safety Backing

Standard product features


Clear Safety film or Metal Foil Backing.

Product Options


- Minimum:

50 x 50 mm.

- Maximum:

  • Antique mirrors: 1220 x 2400 mm.
  • Low Iron Silver Mirror 2250 x 3210 mm.
  • Tinted Mirrors: 2250 x 3210 mm.

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