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Ancon Starter Bar System

Ancon Starter Bar System

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The Ancon Starter Bar System is designed to increase the speed of construction by eliminating the need to cut or drill formwork at construction joints where continuity of reinforcement is required.

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The Starter Bar System comprises two elements:

  • The female section consists of a threaded bar, connected to a tapered thread coupler. A nail plate is fixed to the end of the coupler and held in place by a plastic end cap. This prevents the ingress of concrete until the continuation bar is fixed.
  • The male section comprises a straight bar threaded at one end to allow connection to the coupler after striking the formwork and removing end cap and nail plate. The continuation bar is tightened using a calibrated torque wrench.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_20_96_71_51 Mechanical reinforcement couplersPrimary


E42/340 Channels and slots

Specification data - Mechanical reinforcement couplers

Product Reference

Starter Bar System


Starter Bar with Tapered Thread Coupler

Starter Bar with Parallel Thread Adaptor

L-Shaped Bar - Shape Code 11

Continuation Bar

Tapered Thread

Epoxy coating


Not required

Third party certifications
  • UK CARES: Tapered Thread Couplers.
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