Altro Tect™


Solvent-free, robust high-build epoxy resin, which gives good chemical and abrasion resistance. Suitable for medium duty industrial areas.

Available in a wide variety of colours and with a gloss finish and a nominal thickness of 350–500 microns. Should be applied in two coats directly to the substrate.

Variations include:

  • Standard: For where there is a low risk of slipping.
  • Slip-resistant: For areas where there is an increased risk of slipping. Includes a micaceous mineral which lightly textures the surface.
  • Moisture-tolerant: For when damp substrates are a concern. Includes a self-priming first coat system that receives high-build coloured coatings. This coating system facilitates progression of fast-track construction projects.
  • Vertical: For walls.


Bond Strength to EN13813: B3.5.


  • Substrates should be dry, structurally sound and free from contamination, friable materials or laitance which may affect either the adhesion or penetration of the resin system. All residues of old paint coatings and dust must be removed.
  • Substrates to achieve 26 N/mm² compressive strength (BS EN12504-2:) and surface tensile strength 1.5 N/mm² (BS EN 13892-8).
  • Substrates must include an effective damp-proof membrane and contain residual moisture not greater than 5% by weight (75% R.H.) to BS 8203:2017 (see Altro Proof for installations above 75% R.H.).

General information

Uniclass 2015

Ss_30_42_54_75 Resin flooring systemsPrimary


M12/10 Resin flooring

M12/110 Resin flooring

Specification data - Resin flooring systems

Product Reference

Altro Tect™ moisture-tolerant

Altro Tect™ slip-resistant

Altro Tect™ standard

Altro Tect™ vertical


Not required

Resin flooring


Nominal thickness

350–500 micrometres/ coat


Insert requirement from 'Options' below.

Surface finish/ treatment

Insert requirement.

Other requirements

Not required

Altro Line marking system

Altro Expand flexible joint system

Altro Expand vertical

Standard product features


- 2.5 kg:

  • First coat: 8 m².
  • Second coat: 10 m².

- 6.3 kg:

  • First coat 20 m².
  • Second coat 25 m².

- 10 kg:

  • First coat 32 m².
  • Second coat 40 m².

Product Options


  • Burnt chocolate, Clear, Cloud, Cyprus, Dawn, Doe, Flint, Gunmetal, Indigo, Jade, Magenta, Magic, Norfolk, Patina, Portland Grey, Ramone, Ranch, Ruby, Sark, Spruce, Toast, Topaz, Tropic, Wedgewood, Wine Red, Winter Grey.
  • Safety Red, Safety Yellow, Black (for small demarcation areas only).

Surface finish/ treatment:

Consult Altro for details.

Other requirements:

- AltroLine:

Altro Line is a high build, single application line marking coating.

- Altro Expand and Altro Expand vertical:

A twin-pack, elastomeric epoxy resin jointing compound designed as a pourable filling for movement joints within the substrate, Altro Expand provides a degree of flexibility to accommodate compression, whilst offering support to the arris of the joint when subjected to heavy wheeled traffic. A knife-applied grade is available for vertical use.

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