Altro Crete™

Altro Crete™


A durable and safe monolithic floor finish suitable for applications in the industrial food and beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

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A monolithic floor finish with seven polyurethane variants. Durable and slip resistant, with high resistance to a range of chemicals (including the organic acids found in foodstuffs).

The variations include:

  • 2 mm slip-resistant: Medium-duty, flow applied smooth surface resin with a matt finish.
  • 4 mm slip-resistant (PTV ≥36): Thicker for extra durability. Suitable for food and drink production, packing, and storage areas.
  • 4 mm slip-resistant (PTV ≥50): For wet processing areas needing slip resistance, with a textured finish. Offers a multi-layer system which has a Pendulum Test Value of ≥50. Suitable for areas where there are contaminants other than water, such as beverages, fruit juice and milk.
  • 6 mm slip-resistant: Has a Pendulum Test Value of ≥50, with a textured surface. Suitable for very heavy duty areas such as commercial kitchens. Also available as a fast-track variant.
  • 8 mm slip-resistant: High impact and abrasion resistance, and is suitable for an increased temperature range (-40°C to +120°C) for intensive, particularly demanding environments which may require steam cleaning. Also available as a fast-track variant.


  • Bond Strength: To BS EN 4264 B3.5.
  • Impact Strength: To ISO 6272 IR2.
  • Wear Resistance: To BS EN 13892 AR 0.5.

Substrate requirements:

  • Substrates should be dry, structurally sound and free from contamination, friable materials or laitance which may alter adhesion or penetration of the resin system. All residues of old paint coatings and dust must be removed.
  • The substrate should achieve 30 N/mm² compressive strength (to BS EN 12504-2), and surface tensile strength 1.5 N/mm² (to BS EN 13892-8).
  • Substrates must include an effective damp proof membrane and contain residual moisture not greater than 5% by weight (75% R.H.) to BS 8203.
  • Thin-bed synthetic resin systems follow the surface of the substrate, so it is essential that the surface regularity of flatness conforms to or exceeds BS 8204.2, class SR2 (+/- 5mm under a 2 metre straight edge). Any deviation from this may require a cementitious screed/ repair mortar which must be suitable to receive a polyurethane overlay. Variable porosity and profile of the substrate will affect both coverage rates and final appearance.

Ancillary product:

All coving detail where chemical resistance is required should be installed using the Altro Crete cove which is designed to be used in conjunction with Altro Crete variants.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Ss_30_42_54_75 Resin flooring systemsPrimary


M12/110 Resin flooring

Specification data - Resin flooring systems

Product Reference

Altro Crete 2 mm slip-resistant

Altro Crete 4 mm slip-resistant (PTV ≥36)

Altro Crete 4 mm slip-resistant (PTV ≥50)

Altro Crete 6 mm slip-resistant

Altro Crete 6 mm slip-resistant fast-track

Altro Crete 8 mm slip-resistant

Altro Crete 8 mm slip-resistant fast-track


Altro Prime consolidating

Resin flooring


Nominal thickness

2–8 mm


Insert requirement: Iron, Basalt, Obsidian, Magnet, Zinc, Alloy, Steel, Silver Grey, Forest, Evergreen, Lawn, Meadow Green, Ultramarine, Cobalt Blue, Zaffre.

Other requirements

Altro Line

Altro Expand

Altro Expand vertical

Standard product features


  • Altro Crete 2 mm slip-resistant: 3.6 m² per 12.6 kg.
  • Altro Crete 4 mm slip-resistant (PTV ≥ 36 and 50): 1.8 m² per 12.6 kg.
  • Altro Crete 6 mm slip-resistant: 2.2 m² per 30 kg.
  • Altro Crete 6 mm slip-resistant fast-track: 2.25 m² per 30 kg.
  • Altro Crete 8 mm slip-resistant: 1.6 m² per 30 kg.
  • Altro Crete 8 mm slip-resistant fast-track: 1.5 m² per 30 kg.
  • Altro Crete top-coat: 8.5 m² per 4.8 kg.

Product Options

Other requirements:

- AltroLine:

Altroline is a high build, single application line marking coating.

- Altro Expand and Altro Expand vertical:

A twin-pack, elastomeric epoxy resin jointing compound designed as a pourable filling for movement joints within the substrate, Altro Expand™ provides a degree of flexibility to accommodate compression, whilst offering support to the arris of the joint when subjected to heavy wheeled traffic. A knife-applied grade is available for vertical use.


Resin systems

Resin systems

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