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HydroTap Touch Free Wave Brochure

The new Zip HydroTap Touch Free Wave, with smart infrared sensors, provides a 100% touch-free, safe to use solution for staff to access instant boiling, chilled and sparkling drinking water with a simple wave of the hand. Available from December 2020, this latest innovation helps employees return to the workplace safely by reducing contact points in the communal kitchen.

InLine Brochure

Zip is a leading supplier of hot water systems thanks to many years of experience within the water delivery market. Our passion for quality and stringent manufacturing standards mean each and every one of our products is built to deliver and last. You can also be sure that our products have been designed with the very best energy efficiency in mind, helping consumers and businesses to reduce their environmental impact. Easy-to-install, compact and convenient, our products are designed specifically for the specifier, installer and end-user.

Zip HydroBoil range

Instant boiling water heaters are a reliable go to system for the workplace. Saves time No more time wasted waiting for water to boil - the range delivers boiling water instantly at the touch of a tap. Saves energy No energy is wasted boiling more water than needed - fingertip control gives a cup or teapot full at a time. Saves space No cluttered worktops - the HydroBoil is a wall-mounted product, saving space. Saves money Energy-efficient technology works to minimise power consumption, reducing running costs. Sets a new standard Every working day in the UK, over eight million cups of tea and coffee are made using Zip's instant boiling water systems.

Zip HydroCare

All Zip systems are backed by a full warranty with the additional option of HydroCare, a service and maintenance plan offering comprehensive support after installation. Zip's HydroCare and HydroCare Plus plans can be tailored to meet your exact needs, ensuring products continue performing to the best of their ability throughout their lifetime. Zip has the largest growing service fleet in the industry, with over 90 fully trained, directly-employed engineers across the UK and Ireland to provide a prompt and efficient service. Zip also offer free commissioning for the HydroTap and HydroChill.

Zip InLine instantaneous water heating

Why Zip InLine instantaneous water heating? Zip InLine water heaters are the most energy efficient means of directly heating water electrically. Using the very latest bare wire technology, Zip InLine offers a host of specifier, installer and end user benefits: Unrivalled energy efficiency - no standing heat loss Instant hot water on demand, Sophisticated electronic control, Easy to install, Neat, compact design, Tangible water savings

Showing 1-8 of 8