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VELUX Commercial

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VELUX Glazing Panels

Bepoke daylight solutions for public and commercial buildings. A bespoke glass system (formerly known as Vitral A74 and A98 roof glazing) with slim and shallow profiles for optimal daylight influx. VELUX Glazing Panels enable the creation of a wide range of rooflight designs from flush installations in a pitched roof to pyramids on a flat roof. pitched roof. VELUX Glazing Panels are ideal for refurbishment projects of public and commercial buildings.

VELUX Modular Rooflights

VELUX Modular Rooflights (formerly known as Vitral SkyVision) are a glass rooflight solution for flat roofs, that maximises the amount of natural light, without intrusive framing being visible from beneath. VELUX Modular Rooflights have an elegant and aesthetic design and bring daylight into commercial buildings. The modules are available in standard sizes and can also be configured, manufactured and delivered in bespoke sizes for specific requirements.

VELUX Modular Skylights

Prefabricated VELUX Modular Skylights deliver all the benefits of modularity to rooflights and glazing. From glass quality to power motors and integrated blinds, the skylight modules are designed to work as one single system from the moment theyre made. All modules are produced offsite at our factory, meaning every single component is rigorously tested and integrated in a controlled environment. Each component is also of the highest premium quality and is built to stand the test of time.

Showing 1-3 of 3