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Aluminium window, door and sliding door hardware brochure

The SIEGENIA ALU product group: aluminium hardware solutions for windows, doors and sliding door elements. This brochure features the entire SIEGENIA ALU product range. It includes face-fix and concealed hardware for turn-only and tilt and turn windows as well as lift and slide doors and entrance doors. Motorised and smart solutions are also featured.

Automatic lock for timber, metal and PVC entrance doors

KFV AS 3600 automatic multi-point locks lock the door via the auxiliary lock cases whenever the door is closed. This ensures complete insurance protection, even without locking the main lock, and combines permanent intruder resistance with special ease of use. This brochure contains features, benefits and information for fabricators and end users. Some of the benefits include burglar resistance up to RC2 in accordance with DIN EN 1627-1630. The SIEGENIA KFV modular system makes it fully compatible with the KFV frame part programme significant time and cost savings in production.

Complete security product range brochure

With SIEGENIA your house will securely become a home thanks to burglar resistance systems and monitoring resulting from maximum quality and 100 years of expertise. This flyer contains features and benefits on windows with complete security. Police recommend our security systems and you can also benefit from fresh air whilst keeping intruders out, with a secure night vent. Our systems provide protection starting at your door, automatic locking systems and increased security for sliding doors, as well as modern access control.

Concealed tilt and turn window hardware for aluminium systems

Sophisticated design, a select combination of high-strength materials and the latest assembly technology make our new TITAN axxent 24+ for aluminium systems with 16 mm eurogroove so simple, robust, wear-resistant and functionally reliable like no other comparable hinge side ever before. The precisely fitting coordination of the versions to the profiles is currently unique in the industry and ensures a fast and process reliable fabrication. This flyer contains features and benefits of the TITAN axxent 24+hardware system for fabricators, architects and end users.

Concealed tilt and turn window hardware for large aluminium systems

Features and benefits of the ALU axxent PLUS hardware system for fabricators, architects and end users. Fully concealed aluminium hardware for large, heavy turn-only and tilt and turn window elements. It is the perfect solution for design-led concepts and enables slimmer window profiles for more light into the room. Security versions are also available.

Concealed tilt and turn window hardware for timber and PVC-U systems

The TITAN axxent 24+ is for timber and timber-aluminium profiles with at least 24 mm rebate width, as well as for PVC profiles and aluminium systems with a 16 mm eurogroove. It has a high load-bearing capacity up to 150 kg without additional parts and infinitely variable pressure adjustment on upper and lower pivot for optimal sealing. The sash is easy to fit in the tilt or slightly opened position and has optimally accessible 3D adjustment. It has a lower storage cost and has faster assembly due to fewer components. The TITAN axxent 24+ is fully concealed and is now in vogue and generously dimensioned window surfaces have become an absolute must. This flyer contains features and benefits of the TITAN axxent 24+ hardware systems for fabricators, architects and end users.

NOX filter for single-unit vent systems

The NOx Filter gives a fresh air supply, offering protection against nitrogen dioxides, fine dust and pollen. In this flyer, you will find benefits and features of the filter and an overview of its compatible SIEGENIA ventilation units.

Ready-to-install lift and slide hardware package

SIEGENIA's all-in-one package for lift and slide door elements. Contains features and benefits of the COMFORT UNIT for fabricators and end users. The COMFORT UNIT package comes with all of the hardware elements for the ECO PASS threshold - including bogie wheels, rails, seals and threshold - all pre-cut, drilled and assembled to your spec.

Single-unit acoustic ventilator

Contains features, benefits and a short installation guide for the AEROPAC single-unit ventilator. The unit has a high acoustic performance and can filter out fine dust, pollen and NOx particles. Decentralised, wall-mounted ventilators can be quickly and easily installed into new builds or retrofitted and can be operated via the unit itself, an air quality sensor or via an app.

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