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Siegenia-Aubi Ltd

Window, door and comfort systems

+44 (0)24 7662 2000 www.siegenia.com/en/index.html

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Head Office

Richardson Way

Cross Point

West Midlands


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Trade names

AEROCONTROL, Aerocube, Aerolife, Aeromat, AEROMAT 100, AEROMAT 150, AEROMAT 80, AEROMAT midi, AEROMAT midi HY, AEROMAT mini, AEROMAT VT, AEROMAT VT with heat recovery, Aeropac, Aeroplus, AEROTUBE, Aerovital, AEROVITAL ambience, ALU, AS 2750, AS 3500, AS 3600, AS 4640, COMFORT UNIT, DRIVE axxent, DRIVE axxent DK, DRIVE axxent HSA smart, ECO PASS, ECO PASS SKY, ECO SLIDE, E-Look, Favorit, GENIUS, KFV, KFV fingerprint scanner, KFV ONE, KFVkeyless, LM, MHS400 smart, MSA400 smart, Portal, PORTAL HS, SENSOAIR plus, SENSOAIR smart, SI, SIEGENIA comfort, Si-line, SOFT CLOSE, TITAN AF, TITAN axxent 24+, TITAN heavy duty, Titan-Silver