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Charters Ascot -Luxury Private Residences

To provide high quality instantaneous hot water, the developers were persuaded to move away from a conventional recirculation system to the higher efficiency single-pipe solution, using nVent RAYCHEM HWAT-M self regulating cable and the unique nVent RAYCHEM RayClic connection system. In addition, nVent RAYCHEM T2Red and T2Reflecta underfloor heating was used in the main living areas. The self-regulating cable could provide very responsive heating without overheating, thus avoiding damage to the high quality wooden flooring. Underfloor heating was also used in the bathrooms, using nVent RAYCHEM T2Quicknet. All fully integrated with the BMS to avoid individual controllers.

Energy Efficiency Case Study - Hot Water Generation and Distribution Systems

There are two options to compensate for the heat loss in hot water distribution pipes: using a temperature maintenance cable or a re-circulation pipe. Which option is more sensible from an energy point of view, when using a condensing boiler for hot water generation? A study by the Technical University in Dresden addresses the question of which option is more energy-efficient.The results presented show that a single pipe hot water system that compensates for heat losses with a self-regulating temperature maintenance cable is a better solution.

Epping Forest College, Essex

Architects Morgan Sindall was charged with creating a state-of-the art, energy efficient building including the hot water distribution system. A specific requirement was for the system to be able to raise temperatures monthly, for the prevention of legionella. A single-pipe solution was designed, using 1.8km of nVent RAYCHEM HWAT-R self-regulating cables to maintain 60°C. Supported by 15 nVent RAYCHEM HWAT-ECO smart controllers, the necessary legionella prevention cycles could be met, pipe temperatures could be varied (to provide setback temperature savings) and thermal boosts to 65°C implemented during times of non-occupancy.

Gaelic School, Glasgow

The demand for an energy-efficient hot water distribution system was met by a single-pipe system with 850m of RAYCHEM HWAT-R self-regulating heating cables, managed by nine RAYCHEM HWAT-ECO smart controllers that interface seamlessly with the BMS. Eliminating the need for the secondary pipework of a conventional recirculation system saved space and achieved cost savings of between five and ten percent in material and installation time. Pipe freeze protection was also provided by RAYCHEM WinterGard self-regulating cables, supported by an AT-TS-13 surface-sensing electronic thermostat.

Girvan Community Hospital, South Ayrshire, Scotland

RSP Consulting Engineers designed 1.8km of RAYCHEM HWAT-R self-regulating heating cable in a single-pipe hot water system throughout this new hospital. Capable of maintaining water temperatures at a standard 55°C, the system also provides the capability to boost temperatures to 65°C periodically during legionella prevention cycles. The system is controlled via 19 RAYCHEM HWAT-ECO controllers which communicate seamlessly with the central BMS. As the system uses half the pipework of a conventional re-circulation system the installation time was cut dramatically and much needed space savings were made in walls and ceiling voids.

Hilton Syon Park Waldorf Astoria Hotel, London

M&E contractor ‘The All Group’ designed 2.5km RAYCHEM of HWAT-M self-regulating cables in a single pipe hot water system throughout the hotel. Controlled by RAYCHEM HWAT-ECO smart controllers, the system provided the benefits of energy efficiency plus savings in material costs, labour and space. Pipe freeze protection was delivered using 5.5 km of RAYCHEM WinterGard, controlled with RAYCHEM RAYSTAT-ECO-10. Underfloor heating was installed in the bedrooms, using RAYCHEM T2Red with T2Reflecta. In addition, RAYCHEM T2Quicknet 160 was installed in the en-suite bathrooms and the hotel’s luxurious spa.

HM Maximum Security Prison, Shotts, Scotland

A single-pipe hot water system based has been installed with 1.2km of RAYCHEM HWAT-R self-regulating heating system supported by 13 RAYCHEM HWAT-ECO controllers. As the system uses half the pipework of a conventional recirculation system, on-site installation time was cut dramatically and this was enhanced further by use of the RayClic connection systems. It also meant that space savings could be made in walls and ceiling voids. The system is low-maintenance, a critical factor due to the sensitive nature of this building and can now be very easily extended during further planned developments.

Pinderfield & Pontefract Hospital, Yorkshire

Single-pipe hot water distribution systems were designed for the new acute inpatient hospital in Wakefield and new diagnostic and treatment centre in Pontefract. 25km of RAYCHEM HWAT-M self-regulating heating cables was used, supported by RAYCHEM HWAT-ECO controllers. The single-pipe design and simplicity of the RAYCHEM installation dramatically eased the modular fabrication process. Fully traced and insulated pipe modules were assembled off-site and delivered to meet strict schedules for connection. Pipe freeze protection for external pipework was provided by some 10 km of RAYCHEM WinterGard self-regulating cables.

The Rolex Building, London

nVent was brought in to employ a variety of heating solutions at the London Rolex Building. Rolex was looking to convert its heating to a simpler, lower cost single pipe system requiring less maintenance. nVent provided hot water services using the RAYCHEM HWAT single pipe hot water temperature maintenance system. More than 400 meters of cable were installed to provide hot water all the way to the point of use, 600 metres of pipe freezeprotection to safeguard the chilled water supply lines from freezing. In addition, the entrance foyer welcomes visitors with the warmth of RAYCHEM QuickNet floor heating systems.

The Rolls Building, London

Design consultants AECOM delivered efficient hot water distribution using 800m of RAYCHEM HWAT-M self-regulating cables, to provide a single-pipe system throughout the building. Its compact design, eliminated the need for recirculation pipes, thus enabling the system to be installed in restricted spaces. Pipe freeze protection was achieved using 300m of RAYCHEM WinterGard self-regulating cables. Snow and ice prevention on the car park access ramp was provided by 1200 metres of RAYCHEM EM2-XR selfregulating cable controlled by a VIA-DU-20 multi-sensor control unit.

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