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Providing energy independence to drive a sustainable future - EV chargers & integrated eco-tech

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myenergi company and product overview

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myenergi are leading innovators of Electric Vehicle Charging Products and Integrated Eco-Smart Technology Solutions.

Headquartered in Grimsby, North-East Lincolnshire, myenergi is proud to design and manufacture all their products and software from the ground up, right here in the UK, supporting the economy, local jobs, and putting British innovation and technology back on the world stage. America has Silicon Valley, but right here on our doorstep we have the Humber Estuary, a super cluster zone for renewable innovation companies, for which myenergi are at the heart of.

Proud pioneers of the world’s first solar and wind compatible electric vehicle charger zappi, myenergi has subsidiaries based in Germany, Benelux, Northern Ireland, Australia, with ambitions to open more facilities right across the world.

The ability to charge through 100% self-generated energy and off grid, has always been at the forefront of our product design and innovation, releasing pressure from the grid system. We’ve taken our time in making sure our products are truly smart and we believe being smart is far more than just the ability to connect to the internet, but equally smart in its planet saving features, how it can save customers money, and integrate with other renewable technologies coming to market. 

zappi has been carefully designed to include several features and functions to give users complete control of their electric car charging experience, such as the ability to utilise time of use and economy tariffs, allowing users to schedule chargers at times when energy tariffs are at their lowest, thus encouraging energy consciousness.

Not only does myenergi design their products for the complete user-friendly experience but equally with the installation process in mind. Reducing face fix cabling and the need to reduce disruption to existing buildings was an important factor in the product design process. Our harvi product is an energy monitor which transmits import / export data to the other myenergi devices every 1 second completely wirelessly and negates the need to run wired CT clamps between devices. Our hub product ensures all myenergi devices are connected securely to the internet and allows users the ability to monitor and control there devices remotely through the myenergi app.

This truly British product was also designed with safety as a top priority, setting the standards, with its patented built-in PEN fault technology and RCDs, making it the safest choice for an electric car charger, eliminating the need to install additional earth rods allowing easy installation and no extra costs.

Home Solar Power

Integrating solar panels and renewable energy sources onto UK homes is going to be vital in tackling our nations carbon footprint. However, utilising that self-generated energy efficiently and cost effectively must also be considered to make it an attractive proposition for consumers, whom may be concerned by upfront costs and return on investment.

Technologies such as battery storage, air source heat pumps and domestic turbines will all play their part in reaching our carbon neutral goals. Installing these technologies into buildings is one thing, but the smart integration element of these technologies harmoniously working in conjunction with each other is another.

This is where myenergi’s integrated eco-smart home product range fills the gap in the market, including our original flagship product eddi, which ultimately provides a brain to any solar PV and renewable home setup. eddi is a micro-generation energy diverter, designed to maximise the utilisation of surplus generated green energy, which traditionally filtered back onto the grid.

This product works by diverting any surplus un-used energy back into the home, to instead heat water. It is most commonly used in conjunction with immersion heating systems, underfloor heating, swimming pools or practically any resistive load.

In allowing users to utilise their surplus green energy, myenergi are ultimately reducing reliance on the grid and providing users with energy independence.


As we move towards the electrification of vehicles, providing zero emission transport also brings about the challenge of reducing extra strain on the grid.

The notion towards implementing eco smart technology in new homes as standard will provide another way in which we can remove the need for burning coal, and thus reduce strain on the grid.

myenergi’s integrated wireless technologies such as harvi and hub will be beneficial in implementing these vital elements into existing homes, by making it very easy for installers by reducing difficult cable routing, making for quicker and easier installations.

This seamless control and monitoring eco-system between all myenergi smart home products, combined with the potential return on investment benefits is totally unique in the marketplace.


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Eddi - Solar Energy Diverter

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