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Makers of ThinkingWall® a unique visual thinking and planning whiteboard system.

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Backlit Whiteboard – ThinkingWall Whiteboard

We were asked by Primeast, performance improvement specialists based in Harrogate, if as part of an order for our ThinkingWall frameless whiteboard if LED lighting could be included to create a backlit whiteboard. The requirement was for a soft glow of light to wash the wall behind the ThinkingWall to highlight it as a focal point within the meeting room it was due to be fitted. After putting thought to the best possible solution we concluded that the space created behind the whiteboard panels by the floating frame would be the ideal place to position a lighting system.

Custom Printed Magnetic Training Board

We recently produced a magnetic training board and custom printed magnets for Aico, a market leader in domestic CO and fire protection. The board allows team members to gather round a focal point and work together on a particular project. The magnetic training board is to be used in Aico’s Centre of Excellence – the training, meeting and demonstration facility at their head office in Shropshire. The Workshop where these boards are to be used is a hands on area for training on installation and wiring and allows visitors to take part in hands on demonstrations of the products.

Custom sized mobile whiteboard with storage

The ThinkingWall Stor is our versatile mobile whiteboard with built in storage shelving. We were asked to create a custom version for a client in Birmingham. This custom mobile whiteboard with shelves is wider than the standard Stor and with additional shelves to provide extra storage space. Each unit is 1200mm wide, 1925mm high and has almost double the standard depth at 600mm. The shelves are adjustable so the height can be increased or decreased depending on the items being stored.

Frameless Freestanding Mobile Whiteboard – ThinkingWall™ Freestander

Our frameless mobile whiteboard, the ThinkingWall™ Freestander has been increasing in popularity and we are supplying more and more to customers around the UK. We supplied 6 of the mobile whiteboard units to C_Space for their office in London. The frameless mobile whiteboard is ideal for group meetings, allowing teams to gather without being restricted to one particular location. Having the functionality of a traditional mobile whiteboard with a clean, modern and contemporary look. The double sided writing surface, made from the same high quality material as the wall mounted ThinkingWall, & is ideal for visual thinking & creative planning.

Freestanding whiteboard crosses the pond

Since its launch our free standing whiteboard has been purchased by a wide range of different customers. From national broadcasters to a major government department, now the freestander has made its way across the Atlantic to Canada. Whilst the majority of enquiries come from the UK we also receive them from around the world. The first to be shipped out of the UK this freestander was purchased by the Ffun Motor Group based in Saskatoon, Canada for use as a mobile planning board. The photo above shows it in its new home.

Freestanding Whiteboard Partition

We recently the manufacture and installation for a series of freestanding whiteboard partition walls. We have previously produced mobile versions however these are larger, more permanent units. The whiteboard wall separates areas in a large open plan office to help create the feeling of an enclosed meeting space.

Lean Canvas Whiteboard Wall

We recently completed the manufacture and installation of a custom printed Lean Canvas whiteboard wall. This follows an increase in popularity of our mobile whiteboard partition walls and creating a more personalised, unique version. We created bespoke artwork to the clients specification which was printed to both sides of the whiteboard unit.

Magnetic Blackboard – Custom ThinkingWall Whiteboard

We recently completed an installation where a custom version of our ThinkingWall was required to create frameless whole wall magnetic blackboards as part of a larger scheme. The project, for Network Rail, was part of a full office refurbishment where our experienced team of fitters installed 16 ThinkingWall’s throughout the office development including the magnetic blackboards seen here. The scheme included a mix of our usual gloss white panels for use with whiteboard marker pens along with the matte black panels to act as chalkboards. This mix added a nice touch of variety.

Magnetic Whiteboard Wall

This magnetic whiteboard wall is part of a series of boards we fitted for a large training centre in the north of England. This ThinkingWall is 12 metres long by 2.6 metres high and although we have produced longer walls we believe this is the largest whiteboard surface area we have ever produced. The magnetic whiteboard wall is ideal for collaborative meetings and sessions where a large visual planning space is a key tool. Large groups can get together to quickly and easily sketch or write thoughts and ideas onto the board for discussion.

Mobile Acoustic Whiteboard - New Product

We are extremely pleased to have delivered the latest addition to the ThinkingWall whiteboard range to a new customer. The ThinkingWall Acoustic Freestander is a mobile whiteboard which offers a combination of magnetic drywipe writing surfaces and acoustic panels. The unit is set on a sturdy base with 4 lockable castors for easy maneuverability. A range of size options are available. They feature whiteboard writing surfaces to both sides as standard however we can customise them to include a full acoustic back if required. The acoustic panels can also be fitted in a range of colours.

Mobile Whiteboard Collaboration Wall

Our mobile whiteboard walls have become increasingly popular over the last year. The most recent installation of what we like to call a collaboration wall can be seen here. We produced three whiteboard walls for a finance and trading company in London all of which were 2 metres high and 2.2 metres wide. Each mobile whiteboard collaboration wall is double sided, providing a large drywipe and magnetic receptive work space. Each unit is set on 8 wheels to provide a stable but mobile footprint and the handle at either end allows for easy re-positioning.

Rolling whiteboard with shelves arrives at temporary office in Canada

Our client, Sid Lee are a creative agency who work globally from North America and Europe. They were looking for a rolling whiteboard with built in shelves to fit in the new design scheme for their temporary office in Montreal. Our products are often created out of a particular client need, this usually results in a bespoke or custom made product that later becomes part of our products range. The ThinkingWall Stor is a prime example of this process.


We continue to supply and install our ever popular Thinkingwall bespoke frameless whiteboard in a wide variety of locations and sizes. ThinkingWalls are all made to order and so can be specified at a size to suit a particular area or wall. The recent examples shown here were manufactured in a landscape format and designed to stretch across the width of the room.A modular system, the Thinkingwall bespoke frameless whiteboard allows multiple panels to be joined to create a single writing surface. As a result an almost seamless whiteboard can be created at the chosen size.

ThinkingWall Corner Whiteboard

ThinkingWall has a unique joining system that is used to create a continuous writing surface. The same joining system was adapted to create the corner whiteboard for this project so that one side fits into the other. All ThinkingWalls are made to measure and we have produced them in sizes ranging from under a metre to long runs of 12 metres and everything in between. We are always happy to advise on the best and most efficient use space to help plan a solution that suits the requirements, needs and budget of a client.

ThinkingWall Custom Whiteboards

Last week was a busy one for our ThinkingWall custom whiteboards. We installed a total of seven ThinkingWalls for three different companies, these ranged from smaller single panels to a whole wall made up of multiple pieces joined together. ThinkingWall delivers the functionality of a traditional whiteboard with a high quality, contemporary look and feel. The modular system allows, where required, multiple panels to be joined together to form continuous surfaces with tightly butting, tensioned seams. The custom whiteboards are all bespoke and manufactured to the individual size requirements in each case.

ThinkingWall Frameless Whiteboard

Our ThinkingWall Frameless Whiteboard is a magnetic whole wall system. It delivers the functionality of a traditional whiteboard with a high quality, thoroughly contemporary look and feel. Our frameless, minimalist magnetic whiteboard is perfect for any area where you want to create uninhibited notes and illustrations on an entire wall whiteboard surface. For use in conference rooms, receptions, offices, collaborative spaces and other personal and group work spaces. Concealed fixtures and fittings give the impression the ThinkingWall frameless whiteboard is floating off the wall. This effect and lack of frame helps to remove the boundaries from your visual thinking space.

ThinkingWall Whiteboard As a Product Development Space

Gripple is the market leader of wire joiners and tensioners for the agriculture and viticulture market and wire rope suspension solutions for the construction market. They were looking for a product development space to be located in their manufacturing warehouse. This would be used for designers and production staff to work collaboratively in creating new products in an all visual way. Their aim was to unleash potential within employees in an informal way, and using our ThinkingWall they now have the perfect product development space, and hopefully many more genius inventions to make everyday life easier for their customers.

ThinkingWall – Whiteboard Workspace

In this project for Jo Cowen Architects based in London we fitted ThinkingWall to span one wall of the office to provide a large working area. ThinkingWall is the ideal solution to create a large whiteboard workspace or visual planning areas. Each ThinkingWall was made to measure so we could create a bespoke whiteboard workspace to suit this environment. The modular system means we can join multiple panels to create almost any size. They can be manufactured, like this project, long landscape format or alternatively in a portrait orientation to create a floor to ceiling, wall to wall whiteboard workspace.

Visual Planning Boards - ThinkingWall

We recently completed a large installation of our ThinkingWall frameless whiteboard as part of an office refurbishment in Nottingham. These visual planning boards were placed around an open plan office to provide working space behind desks. The ThinkingWall system allows multiple panels to be joined almost seamlessly creating one large writing surface at the desired size. In this case the visual planning boards were produced in a variety of different widths to suit particular wall spaces We kept he height of all ThinkingWall whiteboards the same to give a consistent look across the space.

Whole Wall Bespoke Magnetic Whiteboard

For this particular project we installed a ThinkingWall at Boston College sized to fill a wall space almost floor to ceiling and left wall to right wall. The whiteboard was then customised with printed vinyls featuring a branded design to make the ThinkingWall unique to the college. At 2.2m high and 4.8m wide this bespoke magnetic whiteboard provides a huge surface area for writing, drawing, creative thinking and visual planning. The finished size is achieved through a modular system of panels that are fitted together on site to create a continuous writing surface with fine tensioned joining seams.

Whole Wall Whiteboards – Design Studio Fit Out

We completed a project at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow where we fitted a ThinkingWall whole wall whiteboard to almost every available wall in their large design studio. The project features a large almost floor to ceiling ThinkingWall at just under 10m wide along with a variety of others ranging between 1.2m and 4m wide. The large whole wall whiteboard is to be used in group sessions and lectures and provides a huge space for visual thinking, creative planning and idea generation. Having a large space designed specifically for this purpose will help to encourage collaboration and drive creativity.

Worlds Longest Custom Whiteboard?

We recently reported on the installation of the longest custom whiteboard we had ever produced. We have since surpassed that and have manufactured and installed an even longer one. At 17 metres long we are now wondering if this is the worlds longest custom whiteboard. We completed this project as part of a refurbishment of a development & innovation centre. The aim was to create as much collaborative working space as possible to give staff freedom to think and generate new ideas.

Showing 1-22 of 22