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The go-to company for dynamic heating and cooling convectors that optimise renewable energy

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Jaga Climate Designers are pioneers in designing innovative, ecologically sustainable heating, cooling and ventilation systems using less energy and fewer raw materials.

Providing higher outputs with heat pumps and low flow temperature systems, Jaga’s energy-efficient compact convector radiators are a key enabler for low-carbon heating in the UK as they can be sized much smaller than traditional steel panel radiators.

They are lighter and smaller than other emitters, using less water and, fewer raw materials and cleaner production methods.

Furthermore, Jaga products last longer, have a 30-year guarantee, and are fully recyclable at the end of their life. Compared to other systems, Jaga radiators score remarkably better in life cycle analysis (LCA) which measures the environmental impact of products.


In the UK, Jaga works alongside some of the country’s best architects, specifiers and designers. Our products can be found everywhere from ground-breaking commercial buildings such as the PWC headquarters in London, to schools, universities, public buildings, retirement villages, and healthcare premises, as well as eco-minded, high-end, residential developments. 


Strada Hybrid

The revolutionary Strada Hybrid is the emitter of choice for domestic heat pump installations. With innovative Dynamic Boost Hybrid (DBH) technology, this small and sleek radiator not only provides powerful heating at low flow temperatures, but automatically switches between heating and eco-friendly light cooling. A world first for radiators.

Dynamic Boost Hybrid

DBH is a fan set which sits on top of the heat exchanger inside the radiator to increase airflow and can boost heat output by up to 300 per cent. Adding DBH inside your radiator means the physical size of the unit can be smaller than natural convectors and much smaller than steel panel radiators, saving valuable wall and room space.

As well as the Strada, DBH can be fitted inside almost all Jaga Low-H2O radiators to allow them to be even smaller at lower flower temperatures, including our Low Surface Temperature (LST) rads; Tempo, Guardian and Maxi 2020 for schools, care homes and healthcare applications, our freestanding rads such as Mini Freestanding for spaces with large windows where wall-mounting isn’t possible, and even our Mini Canal trench heating, also great for spaces with large windows, multi-storey buildings and offices. 

DBH can even be retrofitted. So if you want to replace radiators now but you're still working on a higher flow temperature, you can install Jaga's Low-H2O radiators, then when you switch to a heat pump or lower flow temperature system, simply add the DBH inside your radiators to boost the output to where it needs to be to compensate for the change in flow temperature.

Trench Climate Convectors

With high outputs, even at low flow temperatures, Jaga’s trench convectors offer a complete climate solution, with the ability to provide heating, light cooling (non-condensing), deep cooling (condensing) and ventilation all from one unit. They can also be used to effectively screen cold air and avoid condensation on large windows, or supply supplementary heat.

Our trench range of climate convectors for heating, heating + cooling, or heating + cooling + ventilation includes:

  • Mini Canal
  • Mini Canal Hybrid
  • Micro Canal
  • Clima Canal 08, 13, 19

Fan Convectors & Fan Coil Units

Our Briza fan connector is the market’s slimmest hybrid heating and cooling unit, combining sleek design with a near silent dynamic system. This dynamic fan convector is suitable for a range of applications and offers flexible installation; either wall-mounted, in an a recess, built-in or ceiling-mounted.

Briza uses electric commutation (EC) motors for high performing, energy savings and seamless integration with the latest automated building management systems. With a dynamic low water content heat exchanger, the performance is not sacrificed by restricted dimensions.

When paired with a chilled water system (i.e. a heat pump that can supply cooling water), Briza can provide refreshingly light cooling (non-condensing) or powerful

deep cooling (condensing) and has an integrated condensate tray to allow for the water drainage. The heat exchanger is coated in hydrophilic protection to optimise cooling capacity.

Our Briza range for heating + cooling, or heating + cooling + ventilation includes:

  1. Briza 12 fan convector
  2. Briza 22 fan coil unit

Low Surface Temperature (LST) Radiators

Jaga offers the UK’s widest range of LST sizes, styles and finishes, with wall-mounted, freestanding and continuous options available to suit your application.

Designed to conform to NHS Estates Health Guidance Notes on surface temperature and casing design, Jaga’s LSTs feature a number of safety features: an enclosed heat emitter; bottom grilles; concealed valves and pipework; chamfered corners; and simple locking devices to discourage tampering.

Our LST range of convector radiators for heating, heating + light cooling, or heating + light cooling + ventilation includes:

  • Tempo
  • Tempo Hybrid
  • Tempo Freestanding
  • Tempo Continuous
  • Guardian
  • Guardian Hybrid
  • Maxi 2020
  • Maxi 2020 Hybrid
  • Maxi 2020 Continuous

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  • Strada Hybrid
  • Tempo
  • Maxi 2020
  • Guardian
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