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Jaga UK

Designing products with our climate in mind.

+44 (0)1531 631533 www.jaga.co.uk

Addresses and contacts

Head Office

Orchard Business Park

Bromyard Road



Trade names

Accolade, Aristocrat, Brise, Canal Compact, Canal Plus, Clima-Canal, Cocoon, Cocoon LST, Danel Plus, Deco, Geo, Iguana, Knockonwood, Linea Plus, Maxi, Maxi LST, Micro Canal, Mini, Mini Canal, Mini Dynamic Canal, Mini Micro Canal, Mini-Canal, Narcis, OxYgen, Panel Plus, Pinch, Play, Sani, Sentinal, Sentinel, Sentinel LST, Strada, Taboe, Taboe-Sani, Tempo LST, Twine, Visio