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Delcote architectural roof coating guarantee options

Our pioneering advanced metal roof coating system now comes with a 10 or 25 year manufacturers guarantee allowing Sharmans to provide stand out performance to match all your needs, wherever the roof is in its lifecycle. This new evolution of our BBA* approved Delcote system provides: -10 year manufacturer guarantee, single coat system simplifying application and lowering cost supporting shorter tenancy agreements and dilapidations. -25 year manufacturer guarantee, dual coat system to mirror the proven industry performance of the Delcote system. With over 25 years of proven performance, the durable Delcote roof coating system continues to lead the way when it comes to the ongoing demands of modern pitched metal roofs. Performance is guaranteed with BBA* and AA fire certification.

Delcote GS system specification

For gutter profiles where the Plygene Gutterline system can't be fixed; we are the exclusive suppliers of the Delcote GS liquid gutter refurbishment system.

Plygene Gutterline system brochure

Plygene Gutterline is the UK's only BBA approved gutterlining system. It's seamless and non-bonded "gutter within a gutter" design produces the most effective alternative to full gutter replacement and is guaranteed to extend building life cycles for 25 years.

Seamsil 100 product data sheet

Download product information for Seamsil 100, our gun applied silicone based cut edge corrosion treatment.

Seamsil 100 system specification

The industry's most trusted solution to the problem of Cut Edge Corrosion. Seamsil 100 has been endorsed by Tata Steel and specified in confidence by surveyors and property managers for over twenty years. Only available through Sharmans.

Seamsil 400 (bolt encapsulation) specification

Seamsil 400 is a silicone based repair system to use in conjunction with Delcote roof coating and Seamsil 100 for cut edge corrosion. Prevents further deterioration of hook bolts, drive screws and washers as part of a full roof refurbishment.

Seamsil top and base coat product data sheet

Seamsil top and base coats are used as part of the Seamsil cut edge corrosion system and / or as a preparatory coating before Delcote architectural coating is applied. Download to read more.

Sharmans roof and gutter coating systems

Learn more about our market leading commercial roof and gutter refurbishment systems. Whether it be full roof coatings, gutter coatings, cut edge corrosion treatment or rooflight refurbishment, we have the tried, tested and trusted solutions that are guaranteed to extend building life cycles.

Showing 1-20 of 20